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IJHRM5912 Human Resource Management Assignment Sample

IJHRM5912 Human Resource Management Assignment Sample
With a Bachelor and Post-graduation in Human Resource Management, the scholars come to learn about how to develop an organisation by managing people effectively. Federation University, in Australia, is one of the 5-star rated universities teaching quality and student satisfaction. The human resource management courses offered by this university teaches you about employee safety, equal employment opportunity, and labor relations. Along with these, you will also have to cope with the different assignments and IJHRM5912 is one of them. It is an individual task where you must draft a report of 2000 words. And, if you need an expert’s assistance in writing the IJHRM5912 Human Resource Management assignment, then look no further, Online Assignment Expert will get you all the help that you’ll need.

IJHRM5912 assignment sample

On the basis of the above-given scenario, you are supposed to prepare a report which should be under 2000 words. According to our human resource assignment writing experts, you can search for relevant journal articles or refer to your textbook to find related and appropriate information. The report must include an introduction, analysis of the potential impact of changing demography on the HR planning and job design of the organisation you have selected. Acting as an HR practitioner, you must also propose a set of recommendations for the organisation or top-level management.

Essential Steps for Preparing the IJHRM5912 Report Writing Assessment Task

To solve the above assignment, our experts have chosen the Woolworths Supermarket company that was founded in the year 1924. The following information is included in the human resource management assignment solutions prepared by our management experts. Hence, you can take references from them if you need help with your human resource management report writing tasks. 

Step 1: Introduction

The first part of your assignment is writing an introduction which includes the background of the company, types of products it deals in, and so on. 

Here’s an example of how to write an introduction for a report:

‘As has been discussed above that Woolworths is the largest supermarket company with more than 995 stores in Australia owned by the Woolworths group. The company deals in providing high-quality groceries including fruits, vegetables, packaged foods, etc. In addition to these, it also deals with beauty essentials, selling magazines, baby supplies, household products, etc. Woolworths closely works with farmers and growers to provide best-class products to its customers’

Moreover, you can also illustrate brief details you are going to discuss in your assignment. For example, demographic changes that can impact future job designing and HR planning in Woolworths organisation. You must also list the suggested recommendations to resolve such a problem. 

Step 2: Affect of changes in the demographics on the Woolworths Human Resource Management practices

Human Resource Management practices are a vital process of an organisation to make sure that it is running effectually. The management assignment help experts say that HRM monitors the entire organisational operations including safety management, performance management, employee motivation, training, etc. Therefore, it becomes important to identify the role of factors affecting HRM practices and impacting the company's profit.

Additional Tips to be Followed While Writing the IJHRM5912 Management Report

In the same way, while writing HRM assignments, you must discuss the factors affecting the HRM practices of the Woolworths organisation. The factors can be based on the gender ratio, staff's ethnicity, age groups, workplace diversity, and religion of the workforce. Thus, include following sub-headings for HRM assignment:

Diversity: The diversity of a workplace is comprised of various characteristics including languages, religions, abilities, education, and more. If we talk about the Woolworths organisation, diversity is focused to make sure that a diverse workplace is developed and the benefits of diversity at the workplace is acquired. You can discuss the HRM practices issues in hiring talent, and enhancement in the issues of project failure, absenteeism, lower levels of productivity, and missed deadlines by the employees in your assignment.

Racial discrimination: In your assignment, you can discuss racial discrimination which was taken place in the Woolworths organisation when the workers were started to bully their colleagues on the basis of racial factors.   

Age factor: Age group is one of the major issues in Woolworths that ultimately impacts the human resource practices. Being an HR practitioner, you are required to highlight the impact of age factors over the organisation.

age factor

Income gradient: Income level of an employee affects the performance of a company. It creates interpersonal differences and causes de-motivation among the employees getting low pay. In the same way, you are also required to find how income level impacts the HR practices of Woolworths. 

In case, if you need further help for writing your IJHRM5912 report assignment, then do get in touch with the teams at Online Assignment Expert. The assignment writers here are well-versed with the suggestions required to overcome such issues. You can reach out to us anytime because we are actively working day in and day out to assist students in scoring well in academics and pass their trimesters.

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