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HSW2120: Human Service Case Management Assignment Solution

HSW2120: Human Service Case Management Assignment Solution
August 18, 2020

HSW2120: Human Service Case Management Assignment Solution

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HSW2120: Human Service Case Management Assignments require students to go for interdisciplinary approaches and practical endeavour. Right from the levels of case management to reflective statements, everything needs to be covered under the HSW2120 assessment answer. It becomes difficult sometimes for students like you to actually draft a HSW2120: Human Service Case Management assignment answers, which is expected out of you. And that’s when students look out for nursing assignment writing experts. In case you are burdened, in case you have the pressure of deadlines, in case you have a pile of other assignments also to be done, you can always count on Online Assignment Expert for obtaining HSW2120: Human Service Case Management Assignment Solutions. Furthermore, in this blog, we will discuss the task requirements and how to go about them so that you can score good grades.

What are the 4 Levels of Case Management?

To let you know, case management is the procedure of planning, implementing, examining, monitoring, and evaluating all the ways that are essential to meet the needs and requirements of a client.

As a part of your HSW2120 Assessment Answer, you must know the levels of case management. Intake, need assessment, service planning and monitoring and evaluation are the four levels that come under case management. Any human service organisation would require the apt enactment of these four levels to ensure client success. You might be wondering as to why these four levels are so crucial to case management. Hold on, here is your answer:

  • Intake 

This is the first interaction between the administrator of the case and the client. All the demographic information about the client along with his/her needs, requirements are gathered, thereby, building a connection and trust. That is why this step is imperative. 

  • Needs Assessment

Now, this is the second level of case management wherein the information gathered initially will dig further on the individual challenges and goals of a particular client. In this level, the specific motive is to know about the problems, interests and risks of the client. 

  • Service Planning

Service planning is that stage of case management, which is very crucial for deciding the success or failure of the client. In this level, targets and goals are assessed, and thereby, the actions are calculated to take to achieve those goals. Therefore, it is very much important that the service strategy should be both practicable and quantifiable.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are again very important to actually know about the effect of detailed programs and services. The progress of the client is to be monitored on a regular basis making use of the output and outcome metrics defined in the earlier stages. 

The process of Human Service Case Management

It is vital for you as a student to know the procedure of Human Service Case Management. There are ample stages involved in it, which are iterative, cyclical, and recursive rather than linear. The different phases of this process we are talking about are inclusive of: 

  • Screening
  • Assessing
  • Stratifying Risk
  • Planning
  • Implementing that can also be termed as Care Coordination
  • Following-Up
  • Transitioning that can also be termed as Transitional Care
  • Communicating Post Transition
  • Evaluating

Task Requirement in the HSW2120: Human Service Case Management Assignments

 To frame a good and impressive HSW2120 assessment solution, one has to also take into consideration the reflective analysis of the critical situation of human beings. HSW2120 assessment is divided into two major sections. Here they are:

  • Section 1

In this section, you have to mock the case file that you have opted from the options given in the assignment. To make your answer look presentable, you can use element templates to give a chronology. 

  • Section 2

Now this section is the most important one as here you will have to write reflective statements in context to the mock case you have picked. In addition to this, in this section, you have to critically analyse and give proper references and citations. 

There are three most significant reasons for designing this assessment:

  • So that students engage in scenario planning
  • Upkeep of case management
  • Thoughts and productiveness of the training in the classroom sessions

Major Theories And Models You Should Know for Answering the HSW2120 Assessment Questions

The course needs to be written in different segments as the marks are allowed to multiple segments with appropriate importance. You have to be tactical enough to handle the content, design, and several other practical measures of this assignment. Only experts with years of experience can guide you to prepare the assignment within a very short time. You can schedule a live chat with the experts at Online Assignment Expert for the nursing assignment help. There are a few segments you have to emphasize more and certainly, you have to be informed about some of the significant nuances for assignments, especially like this one.

  • Case Management Principle -You have to reflect some nuanced understanding of principles as well as your critical insight needs to be reflected here.
  • Demographic Information -Detailed and conscientious content on Demographic Information needs to be recorded as well as presented structurally.
  • Social History -A comprehensive detail of the client's social history needs to be presented. Multiple questions are required to be framed to analyse the client's condition critically. The action plan needs to be prepared based on the answers to the questions.
  • Risk Assessment plan -Comprehensive risk factors and situations need to be presented and assessed. The complexities of practice are required from a student of nursing to work with the factors.
  • Case Conference Note -A concise but extensive Case Conference Note designed in a SOAP model is required to be invoked here for working on some critical information to prepare a high-quality service plan.
  • Action Plan -A good Action plan from the clear perception of a student of Nursing needs to be articulated in a smart format. An action plan should be realistic, collaborative, timely, and logical.

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