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How will the CoronaVirus Outbreak (COVID-19) Affect International Student Admissions In Australia?

How will the CoronaVirus Outbreak (COVID-19) Affect International Student Admissions In Australia?
With a majority of the student population traveling all across the world, China holds the maximum. This is a proud moment, also is now being seen as a threat that is called now as COVID-19 by W.H.O., initially started as CORONAVIRUS. With an immediate outburst in the rising number of patients being affected by COVID-19, countries like Australia made a shocking announcement of banning future enrolments of the students in universities to avoid the cases of the “Deadly Virus” in the country, after the bushfire massacre.

As per the WHO or the World Health Organisation, CoronaVirus, that is also named as COVID-19 is wide group or family of viruses that cause a variety of illness amongst humans, ranging from normal cold to complicated diseases such as MERS-COV and SARS-COV, that are respiratory diseases, and was also not identified affecting humans before. It is said to be a disease that is seen in animals and now being transmitted to humans too.

The above mentioned respiratory diseases are transmitted through camels and cats, respectively, into the human body, killing the majority all across the world. Some of the common signs of identifying CoronaVirus are cough, fever, and shortness of breath, pneumonia, kidney failure, and even death. It is strongly recommended by the experts and doctors at W.H.O., that you should try and keep your hands clean, keep your mouth and nose covered, and also to avoid eating meat and also to get in direct contact with someone who shows the above-mentioned symptoms.

Australian Universities And A Pause On The Students Admission

The majority of Universities in Australia get Chinese students as the majority of the population in different courses, which is being affected by the growing cases of COVID-19 there. To make sure a healthy environment in the university campuses, and to make sure that the local and foreign students in Australia are safe and secured, there has been a ban in the new student enrolment from China along with a ban on the present-day students, who went back home for the festival. The universities are also trying to put on online classes for the students sitting there in the distant land of china thus, making sure that the education of any student is not hampered. The borders of Australia are sealed for over a minimum period of two weeks, hoping that the situation comes under control, and a cure is found immediately for this uncalled for the virus, as it is affecting future admissions for abroad study. Therefore, the students also available on campus, who are not well to go through the semester internal assessment, may reach out for expert help and consultation for the same.

Steps To Show Solidarity Towards The Chinese Students

Many of the Universities in Australia, which hold in a majority of Chinese students, have come up with major guidelines for students and teachers on campus, that can help the students altogether to cope up and fight the virus, along with the social and economic effect too, some of which are:

  1. Send in a note of wellness and empathy to your colleagues or friends in china to show support.
  2. Talk to your friends, partners, and students with respect and make them feel cared for.
  3. Don’t let the virus become a fear amongst your relationships with the students on campus. Treat them with the same dignity as before that they deserve.

A Cease On Recruitment

The companies and organizations that usually travel on a recruitment drive to china are ordered to put the following process on hold as the majority of universities and schools in China are closed due to the already worsened situation in the country. There are a lot of students, who will miss out on exceptionally great opportunities, therefore, it is considered to put the same on hold for February, March, and April.  

Foreign Students In China

There are a majority of foreign students, from countries like India, Pakistan, Africa, Tanzania, and many more, who are still present in China and are at risk of catching up with the virus, especially in the state of Wuhan. The Indian Government has airlifted a lot of its students and so many other counties but there are still a lot of students who are stuck in the situation of catching up with the Coronavirus. With fears in eyes and a sense of the shortage of food in Wuhan, a large majority of international students are stuck in the lockdown of the state.

The cases of coronavirus are also seen in other countries too, such as:

Research credit: JHU, Stratfor Research

Some Of the FAQ’s on the Core Study of COVID-19

Question 1: Has a vaccine been developed for curing Coronavirus?

Answer 1: No, a vaccine has not been yet developed for Coronavirus as it is a new disease found in humans for the first time, thus a huge team of doctors and scientists are working day and night to get an end to this epidemic as soon as possible.

Question 2: How can I protect myself in a campus full of students?

Answer 2: You need to make sure that you do not get in direct contact with someone who is suffering from any kind of cold and cough. Wash your hands after:

  1. Coughing or sneezing
  2. Handling animals
  3. Before, and after eating
  4. Using the washroom
  5. After taking care of the sick

Question 3: Where can I reach for an emergency?

Answer 3: You can reach out to the following numbers:

  1. COVID-19 or Coronavirus Health Information Line - 1800 020 080
  2. Health direct Hotline - 1800 022 222

For any query regarding the virus, you can reach out for the government website - https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/

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