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How to Write the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion in an Essay - A Guide from an Essay Expert

How to Write the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion in an Essay - A Guide from an Essay Expert
If you want to impress your professor, then you must write the essay accurately as per the given details and instructions. It is generally written with a specific structure including an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Needless to say, sometimes writing an essay can become a complex task for students. In such cases, they can take help from this guide compiled by an essay writing expert below. 


Part I: The Introduction

The 1st paragraph of an essay will always be the introduction. In the case of writing a lengthy essay, the introduction can be 2 or 3 paragraphs, where you are required to introduce the topic and background of your essay. To write a good and impressive introduction, you can focus on these two things:

  1. Grab the attention of your reader: The best way to attract the attention of your reader is by explaining something interesting, including a quote, telling a story, providing statistics and data, and more. Thus, our professional essay writers suggest that you present an interesting starting to the essay and include an original angle to engage your readers.
  2. Explain a particular and debatable thesis statement: The thesis statement of an essay can be written in one sentence, a paragraph, or maybe longer depending on the length of the assignment you are writing. A good and engaging thesis statement includes a debatable point. It means that your point should either support or disagree with the argument/discussion.

Part II: Three Body Paragraphs

The body of the essay is a section that helps you to move and prove your thesis along a persuasive path right from an introduction to a conclusion. If you have provided a clear thesis, then you do not require several body paragraphs to prove it but in case if your thesis statement is complex, then you might need more than 3-5 body paragraphs. The easiest way to know what to include in a body paragraph is to follow “MEAT”, which stands for the main idea, evidence, analysis, and transition. Let’s have a closer look in this pattern:

Main Idea: Here you must discuss the central theme of your paragraph. Every sentence of a paragraph should connect with the key idea. Remember to include the following things while writing the main idea:

  • Label: It generally appears in the first sentence of the paragraph that tells your audience what they will read in the upcoming paragraphs.
  • Arguable: These are the debatable statements which should be supported with strong evidence.
  • Focused: Provide a particular point in each paragraph to be focused on and then support them.

Evidence: Don’t forget to include evidence or proof to support your key arguments. While writing an essay, you should know that disciplines can have different ideas. A few evidence examples are explained below by our essay writing help experts – 

  • Facts: data and statistics collected from different studies.
  • Quotations or paraphrased sentences from sources.
  • Descriptions or narrations, e.g. your own experiences.

Analysis: It is a section that describes the evidence. Thus, ensure that the evidence you include should be appropriate to the main idea of your paragraph. In simple words, just explain your evidence.

Transition: This is a part of an essay paragraph that helps you to move smoothly. Transitions generally take place along with the main ideas and also look backward and forward to help you connect with the ideas of an essay. Always remember to end your essay with transitions.

This is just an idea to remember how to write the three body paragraphs of an essay. But it does not mean that ‘MEAT’ should be followed in the same order as it is given. While writing the body paragraphs of an essay, you will come to notice that the “Main Idea” and the “Transition” often get combined to make the first sentence—the topic sentence—and then followed by the paragraphs.

Part III: The Conclusion

Writing an essay conclusion is the last step of an essay. This section generally does not have more than 3 paragraphs. The conclusion of an essay includes either one or both:

    1. Summarising the argument. The professional essay writers suggest to not include any new ideas while writing the conclusion. You just need to restate or paraphrase the key points of your essay. Doing so becomes more important if you are have made a complicated and long argument. Remember that your introduction and conclusion cannot be the same in any situation.
    2. Describe the importance of the argument. There are few online essay instructors who suggest avoiding restating the main points of the essay while writing the conclusion. But instead of this, you can explain the importance of your argument. 

For example – 

    • The argument of an essay can be important to a certain period of study. 
    • Alternately, it can be significant for the geographical region.
    • Or it can influence the reader’s thinking about the future. 

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