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How to Write an Introduction for an Assignment?

How to Write an Introduction for an Assignment?
The term introduction in an assignment is written with a purpose to provide a clear idea of the assignment you are writing. It has been seen that there are students who often face issues in writing assignments because they are unaware of the steps to write an introduction. Those students are advised to give strong background information on a particular issue you are going to discuss in the assignment. The academic writers at Online Assignment Expert have assisted hundreds of students by providing them with various guidelines, introduction examples, and samples. In this blog, we’ll throw some light on the hints to write an introduction for an assignment.

Three Key Elements of an Introduction to an Assignment

Before you start the writing process, ask yourself “how to write an introduction for a university assignment?” Our assignment writing experts suggest that there are three important elements that you must consider while writing a captivating introduction.

Related to the Theme of the Assignment

It means that the introduction of your assignment should be equivalent to the title and gives answers to the key problems.

Use of Logical Sense

Before starting the introduction, know how you are going to link the logic and structure. Our assignment help expert says that the entry should be smooth by discussing your position.

Focus on Conciseness

An introduction generally covers 10% of the total word count. Therefore, it is important to make a concise introduction which should be clear to understand. 

Now, we will discuss how to start and end the introduction. So, let’s focus on the details given below.

Pre-Writing and Post-Writing the Introduction

The first step that you must follow in an assignment is to choose what you are going to write about. Then you must plan to write an introduction accordingly. Focus on the following given questions:

  • Define the purpose of writing the assignment.
  • Discuss the problems and ways to solve them. 
  • What will be the writing style and tone?

The students who are not aware of the process of writing an introduction will just pick the pen and start writing which leads to creating an unorganized paper. Instead, what should be done here is to focus on “pre-writing”. The best way to begin an introduction is to jot down the important points and ideas concerned with the topic. These points should be short instead of elaborating. Once you are done with this, take some time to explain them.

Post-Writing - This part of the assignment lets the readers know about the topic by providing an overview detail. You should clearly explain the main idea of the assignment in the body part. Precisely explain the key ideas in not more than two sentences and don’t forget to make changes between sentences. Make use of your imagination rather than using blocky sentences. Adherence to these points will make your assignment easier to read and understand.

Additional Useful Tips by an Expert for Writing an Introduction

You should always prepare an introduction that captures the attention of your reader. To do so, consider these points mentioned below by our assignment writing experts

Step 1: Grab the attention of your audience by providing a well-structured, organised, and logical flow of ideas. 

Step 2: You must write the introduction with a purpose. For example – “The purpose of this essay is to …….”

Example –

essay introduction sample

Step 3: Describe how your introduction addresses the issue. The introduction of an assignment should give expectations. For example –

sample of assignment introduction

The underlined sentence in the snapshot is a way to say “keep reading.” So, you may grab the attention of your reader by giving such things.

Well Begun is Job Half Done! Let Us Help You Write the Introduction for the Assignment

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  • Report writing
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  • Case study analysis
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  • Literature review 

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