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The  nursing unit, HLSC122, provides basic knowledge and skills for appraising, sourcing, and reflecting on information sources and literature that are used in health care. This unit involves three different assignments that require you to demonstrate your knowledge in providing critically appraised, evidence-based, and best practices. If you are unable to write the assignment on your own, then do avail our expert’s help for a high-quality HLSC122: Evidence for Practice Nursing assignment answer.

Our nursing assignment help experts ensure designing a well-researched and logical flow of information without any error. They possess required qualification, knowledge, and skills to help health students in delivering evidence-based care, methods to develop knowledge in health disciplines. They have been writing Evidence-Based Nursing assignments since 2010. Therefore, they have adequate knowledge of nursing topics and writing styles followed by Australian universities.

Assessment task:

HLSC122 evidence for practice nursing assignment sample

In this assessment, you are required to compose a report for evidence-based practice. This assignment is required to be completed in 2000 words. There are two sections, i.e., evidence search (500 words) and evidence report and recommendations (1500 words). 

Knowledge And Skills Required To Write The HLSC122 Assignment Answer

It has been discussed above that different skills and knowledge are required to complete the assessment. Apart from this, our experts providing help in writing the HLSC122 assignment answers have discussed a few key knowledge and skills that can be quite helpful in completing the task. They are - 

  • Research knowledge application in order to make evidence-based health care provision 
  • Well-versed with 4 A's research concept, i.e., awareness, application, appreciation, and ability 
  • Should have the basic skills to access and evaluate information by different methods
  • The skills to source and analytically make use of relevant literature 
  • Able to build health care knowledge that is helpful for future practice 
  • Able to use credible and authentic sources and appropriate information by referring to different sources 

Additionally, you may have the capability to highlight and reflect the health scenario and evaluate primary research papers critically. Moreover, you should be proficient in calculating the limitations and strengths of a research paper. In the end, you should discuss the influencing factors for evidence in practices. In support of your evidence, including at least four references that should be valid academic sources. 

How to write HLSC122: Part 1 Assignment Answer?

As we have discussed above, that part 1 of HLSC122 assessment is evidence search. The maximum word for this task is 500 words. Thus, you should be inclusive and cover every aspect precisely. This assignment asks you to assimilate the learning and knowledge of principles and concepts concerned with evidence-based practice. Explicitly, you should also define the issue, determine the change, and highlight the understanding of the importance of the issue.  As per the nursing assignment help experts, following are the steps to write an HLSC122 assignment answer

  • Determine and explain the little-known approach and inconsistent to the clinical issue, local health need, clinical practice, or a controversial policy that you want to examine, identify if it is related to evidence or not, and misconception.  
  • Encapsulate the clinical concept context and health policy aspects that you are going to investigate in the report. 
  • Validate and upkeep the rationale for choosing the concerned area to examine and determine the importance of the problem. 
  • Then, express this area of concern as a searchable question using the PICO (or other) format. Identify the domain in which your question fits and the best design to answer the question. 
  • Articulate the strategy that has been used to relevance to search terms and to answer the searchable question. 
  • Determine 10 research articles that exemplify the best evidence available to find out the questions concerned with policy, practice, or issue. 
  • Support and justify the rationale for selecting an article, question domain, and PICO terms.

Steps to Follow to Draft the Part 2 HLSC122 Assessment Answer

HLSC122 assessment answer

In this task, you are required to synthesise the research knowledge and apply criteria for review and evaluate the state of the research to clinical questions. 

  • Amalgamate the body of evidence including articles ranges from five to ten.
  • Determine the evidence that has the highest evidence level tackling the PICO question. Support and justify the rationale for why it is best and the ways to address the PICO question.  
  • Classify and choose the concerned tool to evaluate evidence.  
  • Analytically assess the highest level of evidence related to selected health policy. 

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