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HI5020 Corporate Accounting Assignment Answers

HI5020 Corporate Accounting Assignment Answers

Assignments related to corporate accounting are generally in the form of representing the areas of accounting in a theoretical way. Writing a corporate accounting requires research and in-depth knowledge of cash flow statement, balance sheet, analysing risks and uncertainties, etc. Today, in this blog, our corporate accounting assignment help experts have explained the individual assignment that is a part of the unit code, HI5020 Corporate Accounting.  The aim of this assignment is to make students understand the experiences and qualifications that an employer seeks. If you are a student, you will gain knowledge to examine and collect numerous job postings advertised by employers. On the basis of collected job advertisements, you are required to answer the questions and examine the qualifications and experiences along with learning outcomes, objectives, and content.


hi5020 corporate accounting assignment sample

If you are studying at the Holmes Institute of Australia, you have to deal with the HI5020 Corporate Accounting assignment. The basic details like Unit Code, Title, Assessment Type, and Assessment Title. 

The Questions Involved in the HI5020 Individual Assignment

The writer is supposed to collect as many job postings as they can for the opening of a corporate accountant, tax accountant, senior accountant, corporate and management accountant, corporate financial accountant, and similar positions announced by Australian organisations through job search portals and print media.  Once you are done with the above task, you need to answer the following questions: 

1. How many job advertisements you have collected in total? How many job advertisements you have collected from each source. 

2. Lists the name of the organisations posting the job advertisements and shows the industry breakdown of the organisations posting the job advertisements. 

3. List all the job titles mentioned in the advertisements that you have collected. 

4. List all the personal attributes required from a corporate accountant that has been mentioned in the job advertisements that you have collected.

Apart from this, there are a few more questions that you need to answer. You must have adequate research skills, information, and knowledge to deal with these questions. But we’ll show you how to the report that is a part of this individual assignment.

How Do I Write HI5020 Corporate Accounting Report?

Students going to write HI5020 Corporate Accounting report task must follow the following structure:

◉ Abstract

◉ List of Content

◉ Introduction

◉ Body of the assignment with a detailed answer

◉ Summary/ conclusion

◉ List of references


To write the introduction of the report, you must clearly present the objective and purpose of your task. Make sure that your introduction is precise and no language error. You can also briefly discuss the points you are going to discuss in the assignment.

HI5020 Corporate Accounting Assignment Example

Sample For Collected Job Advertisements

Sample For Collected Job Advertisements

Major Organisation Listed Job Title

In this section, you can include the name of the organisation along with the job openings. For example, GBG Senior Accountant, Price Waterhouse Coopers (CWC) Project Accountant, Aurecon Group Corporate Accountant, and so on. 

Corporate Accountant Skills

In every job posting advertisement, you will come to see that few personal attributes are mentioned to be a corporate accountant. For example, an innovative approach, team working, service-oriented approach, etc. Every organisation has its short-term and long-term goals and some important personal qualities are required and you must describe them accordingly.  

Advertisement Job Title

As per the table given above, it is seen that numerous job titles are collected which require specific educational qualification to be a Certified Management Accountant. Let’s take the example of Deloitte who seeks candidates with a minimum bachelor’s degree in the field of taxation, accounting, or financial accounting. Also, illustrate the additional details (if required) by the organisation. 

Required Qualification for a Corporate Accountant

In Australia, CPA, ICAA, and IPA are the different bodies of accounting education. To attempt the CPA and ICAA entrance exam, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business. Students enlisted in IPA must possess FNS50215 Diploma. It is an accounting diploma. Further details are mentioned below by our accounting assignment help expert.


There are various types of accountants like Senior Accountant, Tax Accountant, Senior Financial Accountant, etc. Each accountant has its own roles and responsibilities. Therefore, you must explain the accountant’s responsibilities along with the key roles in the organisation.

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