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Get Disney's Design Case Study Answers At Online Assignment Expert

Get Disney's Design Case Study Answers At Online Assignment Expert
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Disney’s Case Study: Challenges and Threats

The Walt Disney Company was founded in the year 1923. It is popularly known for inspiring and entertaining people through creative minds, storytelling, and innovative technology. It is also known as Disney Brother’s Studio. Before launching this studio, Walt Disney used to work in different places as illustrator and animator in Kansas. According to Friedman (2016), Walt Disney Company was launched with a vision to offer classical 2D cartoons entertainment. Now, the company is involved in five different business sections:

  • Studio entertainment
  • Direct to customers
  • Interactive media
  • Park and resorts
  • Media networks

Disney land in Anaheim was launched by the Walt Disney in 1955. Soon, it becomes the best place where cartoon characters could be seen. Over time, the Walt Disney Company has undergone several issues and one of the main issues is to maintain their status level which they have gained in the past few decades. In this section, our experts providing assignment help in Australia have discussed the issues and challenges concerned to Walt Disney Company.

2 Major Issues Faced By the Walt Disney

The two major issues faced by Walt Disney Company are Strategic issue and Issue statement. Here, we have discussed these two in detail.

Strategic Issue:

If we talk about the Roper and his colleagues, they state that the Walt Disney Company has faced several strategic issues. The strategic management team of Walt Disney has identified that the competitors are taking undue advantages of its weakness which can pull the company behind. When the competitors got a chance to offer a sports program at a decent price to the customers, the company failed to pay attention to carry on with the technology. It can be said as one of the key reasons where Disney lost its youth audience. Moreover, the company encounters several issues from its competitors who have built a sturdy existence and reputation in the market. The company was mainly focused on delivering entertainment programs as per the customer’s interests. If the company does not pay attention to such changes then it is obvious that they begin to fall. Therefore, it becomes important for the company to recognise the customers’ preferences and areas of interest.

Issue statements:

As per the Massetti et al., Disney is a well-known company located in the United States of America. Disney characters come with influence and entertaining role. It can be said as one of the key reasons that make the companies famous. Also, it can be said that the company has used its external factors accurately to attain the company goals. The Walt Disney Company has several competitors like Comcast, Time Warner, CBS Corp, 21st Century Fox, and Discovery Communication. These competitors make the company enables to upgrade, enhance, and get better and better according to time.

Not only this, but the company is also needed to promote its cartoons, characters, and movies. To perform this, the company and its upper-level management are required to examine and evaluate the external factors to set further targets.

These were the two most key issues related to The Walt Disney Company discussed by the experts providing Disney’s design case study answers. In the below content, we have conducted Disney SWOT Analysis report.

Disney SWOT Analysis Report

The Walt Disney Company is a company that is popularly known in the field of mass media, entertainment, and amusement park industries. In order to know its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, our case study assignment help experts have discussed the SWOT analysis report for the Walt Disney Company.


In SWOT analysis model, the term strength is referred to the internal factors which are helpful in strengthening business growth. While conducting a SWOT analysis for the Walt Disney Company, these factors help management strategies to enhance business amid competitions in the field of mass communication and global entertainment. Here are the few internal strategic factors affecting the strengths of Walt Disney are –

  • Strong and popular brand
  • The growing range of popular products
  • Strong cooperative growth


This SWOT analysis model aspect generally values the internal factors which are seen as barriers to business development and growth of a company. Similarly, the Walt Disney Company’s culture within the organisation is equally important for such weaknesses. However, the weaknesses involved with the Disney business are –

  • Limited diversification
  • Limited innovation
  • Limited expansion of amusement parks


This is the 3rd aspect of SWOT analysis. Opportunity generally concentrates on business growth. While conducting Disney’s SWOT analysis, opportunities are external factors which mainly lead to generating higher revenues in the field of mass media, entertainment, and amusement park operations. For instance, opportunities help in enhancing Disneyland operation revenues. Few opportunities for The Walt Disney Company are -

  • Growth in various industries
  • Technological innovation
  • Developing markets growth


Threat concentrates on the external factors of the company or business which have the capability to diminish business performance. If we talk about the Walt Disney Company, the treats may be:

  • Technological disruption
  • Competition
  • Digital content piracy

In our case study assignment, the following were the things we have discussed. If you too are assigned with any type of case study related to Disney Company, then you can contact us to get help in your assignment. We have talented and skilled assignment help experts who are experienced in writing a large number of case study assignments. Apart from this, several other features are available with us such as –

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