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Ethical Issues And Social Accountability In Accounting Assessment Answer

Ethical Issues And Social Accountability In Accounting Assessment Answer (1)

Accounting can be explained as the language of business. It is also a process of recording, summarising, and analysing the organisation’s financial transactions and economic entity. Accounting reports are generally termed as the financial statement. However, today we are going to talk about an accounting assignment i.e. Ethical Issues And Social Accountability In Accounting.

This accounting assignment generally deals with ethical issues and social accountability. The university scholars enrolled in accounting courses can be asked to deal with such an assignment. Thus, it becomes important to have knowledge about social accountability and ethical issues which are leading in the Australian business market.

Brief Details for Ethical Issues And Social Accountability In Accounting Assessment

Moving towards the Ethical Issues And Social Accountability In Accounting Assessment, students are required to make a group and find out a specific issue related to accounting ethics and social accountability. They are required to make a report format response explaining the issue with examples and suggestions for stakeholders. The report should also have recommendations and suggestions as to how an organisation and its accounting advisor can proceed in terms of analysis.

Approach To Be Followed For Ethical Issues And Social Accountability In Accounting Assessment

The above assignment (Ethical Issues And Social Accountability In Accounting Assessment) will include five important sections i.e. Introduction, Executive Summary, Discussions, Conclusion and References. As per our accounting assignment experts, preparing assignments on the basis of this approach will help them in scoring excellent grades. Let’s have a look over how to write your Ethical Issues And Social Accountability In Accounting Assessment.


In this report, students are required to compare two different companies of the same industry listed on the Australian stock exchange. In the previous assignment, our accounting assignment experts have selected Caltex Australia limited and Austex Oil Limited from Oil exploration industry. In this section, you are required to do a few necessary comparisons.

Executive Summary

You are required to explain briefly about the company you have selected such as its background, its shares etc. You must also discuss the activities of Caltex such as purchase, refining, marketing and distribution. These are the few activities of operating convenience stores and petroleum products throughout the country.

Just like Caltex, Austex is also a company producing oil and gas. Its major operations are based in Kansas and Oklahoma and the U.S.A. mid-continent. You are required to follow the same approach for Austex Oil Limited as we have done for Caltex.


  • Both the selected companies are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. However, Austex Oil Limited has its operations and present mainly in the United State of America whereas Caltex Australia limited mainly operates in Australia.

  • These companies deal in oil and gas production. Caltex limited Australia deals in refining, purchasing, distribution and marketing of petroleum products and the operation of convenience stores. Whereas the Austex limited is involved in selling its products to other companies. The main difference between these two companies is Caltex deals directly with its customers whereas Austex doesn’t.

  • The next discussion can be related to review the accounting policies of both companies. You can focus on the environmental provisions of the company. As per the accounting assignment experts offering assistance for Ethical Issues And Social Accountability In Accounting Assessment, you can discuss the financial accounting activities including sales revenue, gross profit etc.


On the basis of the above points and discussion, you are now required to conclude your assignment. It should be precise, straight to the point, concise and accurate. Generally, the conclusion can be seen as the last part of your assignment.


It is the most important part of any assignment writing for universities. You must have to follow the proper references and citations while writing an assignment. Always check the marking rubric to more details about references.

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