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ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management Assessment Sample & Answer

ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management Assessment Sample & Answer
December 24, 2019

ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management Assessment Sample & Answer

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In the field of Engineering, Supply Chain Management (SCM) incorporates realisation and conceptual construction of logistics and product-oriented supply chains within an organisation and outside its borders. If you too are pursuing one of the Engineering courses and have got ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management Assessment, then do focus on the details provided by the university. In case, if you find any sort of difficulty with your assignment, simply use Supply Chain Management Assignment Help that is easily available online in Australia. 

Students must have knowledge of the different SCM software packages which are valuable and important for companies, for example, Order Processing Tool, Bid and Spend Tools, Supplier Management, Demand Forecasting, Warehouse Management, and more. Apart from this, you should also follow the guidelines and instructions given in the question file. To have a clear understanding of your ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management assignments, refer to the marking rubric or get help from the Supply Chain Management assignment writing experts.

ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management Assessment Sample

How To Answer the ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management Assignment Part A and B

To write this assignment successfully, you must act as a supply chain manager for an aerospace and automotive components manufacturing company based in the U.K. The scenario is that the company has enhanced its production in recent years. But with the high competition, the manufacturing company came to know that the financial performance has reduced and to maximise the profit, the company considered offshore and outsource several activities. Because of high competition in the field of new economics and technology realities, it is not easy for the company to offshore and outsources its activities. Being a supply chain manager, you are required to evaluate the given scenario of the sector and company deals in and find out the beneficial impact of offshoring and outsourcing along with the critical issues. Also, your task is to provide a comprehensive suggestion that can play a vital role in the strategic decision and the tools that can be used to address and resolve the situation.

ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management Assignment

The next task under ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management Assessment is to create a report including all the major aspects of the supply chain such as business strategy, offshoring and outsourcing, supplier management and use of improvement tools. To solve the ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management assessment, our management assignment expert has opted for Samsung. Additional details on how to write the Part B of this assignment are given below.

Business Strategy

As a supply chain manager, your first step is to find the business strategy and comprehend the market competition. You will be focused on the company’s business strategy along with linear derive of the business strategy. If we talk about Samsung’s business strategy, our supply chain management assignment writing experts say that there are three important elements, i.e., effective leadership, market analysis and possible exploitation, and introducing new products.

Outsourcing and Offshoring

Samsung is a popularly-known trading company and to look after so many business processes and project, they work on an internal outsourcing approach. Under this, they bring third party services. Also, they offshore the company’s physical infrastructure in other regions. It is different from outsourcing because no physical transfer of outsourced activities or property takes place. You can also discuss the benefits and disadvantages of offshore and outsourcing. We understand that it needs thorough research and in-depth analysis in relation to Samsung company. But don’t worry, if you need any type of assistance, an Online Assignment Expert is available to help you.

Inventory Management

The inventory management within Samsung involves the entire operations in order to make sure that every inventory element is supported with a perfect amount. The primary goal behind this is to manage constant production and sale. The assignment writing experts say that inventory management is quite important for Samsung as it is one of the biggest asset elements that can bring errors and causes to the company. There are few more details to be covered in the inventory management section and if you are unable to understand them, we are here to assist you.

Use of Improvement Tools

After analysing several case studies, journals, and articles, we come to know that tools like Supply Chain Management System and SIX SIGMA quality assurance approach, etc. has been used by Samsung. With the use of these tools, Samsung began to save production costs and manage the supply chain effectively. 

A figure is given below to understand the model of Innovation Strategy of Samsung

 model of Innovation Strategy of Samsung

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