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Difference Between Affect and Effect – A Common Confusion

Difference Between Affect and Effect – A Common Confusion
This blog may not be as important as you were looking for but it can teach you a lesson and make you look professional while writing assignments. It is quite basic to know the difference between effect and affect.

Today, with the help of this blog post we are going to educate students about the difference between affect and effect. Additionally, you will learn the tricks to remember the difference between these two terms. The details have been illustrated by the experts offering English assignment help. So, let’s have a look over the blog.

Understand the law of cause and effect

Understand the law of cause and effect

The above-given sub-heading can be a dead give away but it might be enough to understand the difference between affect and effect effectively. However, here are the few examples given below by our English assignment writing experts.

  • The effects of alcohol and hard drugs affect the ability of a person to succeed.
  • The Tsunami had a negative effect on different countries of the world.
  • Downed power line affects PNM customers
  • The effect of the changes in the organisation, and the ways it will affect.

We can see in the above examples that both words (affect and effect) refer to the reaction of an event or even action, but the effect is always a noun while affect is a verb. Sometimes or in a few cases, the effect can also be a verb, but mostly it is used in this way. Have a look at the below-mentioned examples:

  • We will need to change people’s attitudes if we hope to effect change.
  • I hope to effect an upgrade in my standard of living.

In the above two examples, “effect” can be seen as an action which causes a consequence. The readers can remember the difference between “affect” and “effect” by keeping in mind that Affect simply implies to influence or the impact whereas effect should be put to results or outcomes.

Understand the law of cause and effect

Shortcuts and Cheats

Struggling to remember the difference between “effect” and “affect”? Here are the few cheats and shortcuts:

Students might face issues or get confused with effect, they can use “effect” as a noun. Put the word “the” in front of it and if it works, it is a noun. For example:

…the effect.

…the powerful effect.

…the positive or negative effect.

Now, put the word “the” just before the word “affect”.

… hard drugs and alcohol the affect the ability of a person…

… downed power line the affects…

Affect and Effect – A Common Confusion

We can see that it does not make any sense. Does it? No! This is the reason that “affect” is never a noun.

Our experts offer online tutoring as well thus they have multiple of such tricks which can be helpful for students. For example -

Remember words ending in “aven”. I can only remember these:




Choose whichever you want. See how it will help you to remember:

A = affect

V = verb

E = effect

N = noun

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