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CSC00240 Data Communications and Networks Assignment Sample and Answer

CSC00240 Data Communications and Networks Assignment Sample and Answer
Today, we are going to discuss how to write the CSC00240 Data Communication and Network assessment answers. In this assignment, you are required to prepare a report for data communication and network which comprises 25% of total unit marks. This assignment asks you to design the network recommended and ways in which it can be configured. You should remember that the aim of developing a new network is to support the needs of the company for the coming five years. It should contain an examination of the present situation along with a recommended solution for the network. 

Before providing the steps to write the CSC00240 Data Communications and Network assessment 2, you must be aware of the essential information provided in assessment 1 of the same task. You will remember that you have been asked to analyse user network requirements and explain the current network. In addition to these, you were asked to provide assumptions in relation to the current organisational structure which includes software, hardware, user communities, hierarchy, and network use patterns. 

The given case scenario for CSC00240 Network Design For a Modern Software Development Report assignment.

csc00240 network design case scenario

There are a few essential things to know before developing a new network, i.e., the objectives of the newly developed network and to accomplish the technical as well as business goals. Our information technology assignment help experts have also described the network, business, and technical objectives that will be useful in writing the CSC00240 assignment answers. They are - 

Objectives of the Proposed Solution:

The major objectives behind developing a new network are:

  • A new network for the organisation
  • Great accessibility with high security
  • Maintain online services
  • Ensuring that video conferencing takes place between the headquarter and its branches

Technical Goals:

  • Updated computer rooms and current networks to accomplish the needs of developers and employees.
  • Scalability of the organisation.
  • Wireless network access should be available for employees as well as outdoor software developers.
  • Employees must have accessibility to company resources through different servers. 
  • Enhancement in network performance
  • Securing information on the company

Business Goals:

  • Improved wireless, communications, video conferencing, etc.
  • Secure company information
  • No extra expense/save expenses
  • Company will have 400+ employees in the near future
  • Supreme in terms of technology

Approaches for Writing the CSC00240 Data Communications and Network Assessment 2 Solutions

Part A - Executive Summary

An executive summary is written with a purpose to describe the business, problems, solutions, targeted market, and financial highlights. You must present your executive summary in such a way that it grabs the attention of the readers by letting them know what you have done in the report and why should they read your business proposal or plan. 

Part B - Introduction

The introduction includes four important sections, i.e., purpose, background, methods of investigation, and scope. Therefore, it is important to be focused on these sections while writing the CSC00240 Data Communication & Network assignment

Here is a snapshot of the CSC00240 assignment sample:

CSC00240 assignment sample

Current Infrastructure and Network

Infrastructure and Network

In the above table, you will come to find that they do not have remote help. They are using single web-based interfaces to get associated with buildings A and B. 

Part C - Analysis of User Requirements

In this section, you must illustrate the complete understanding and knowledge of network along with extensive analysis of the given elements: 

  • Different communities of users
  • Security and bandwidth requirements
  • Mobility and remote access requirements
  • Estimated capacity of an average or peak load (as per your assumptions)

Analysis of User Requirements

Part D - Analysis and Description of Existing Setup

The next section for your assignment is to analyse and describe the current set up including network hardware, media, logical network, network diagram, and analysis of existing functionality. Before writing the analysis and description of the current setup, you need to note down all the assumptions that you are going to make. Our IT assignment writing experts suggest to define the following setup: 

Media: Thoroughly describe the existing cable design that includes the different forms of wires and their power.  

Logical Hardware: Extensively explain the current network logical topology. You can also use diagram(s) to explain logical hardware. 

Network Hardware: Find out and list all the existing hardware containing interworking devices, servers, location, etc. 

Network Physical Topology: Provide diagrams that show floors and buildings, server location, interconnecting devices, circuits, firewalls, printers, wireless access points, and occupied workstations.  

Analyse current functionality: Analyse all the network and functionality performance considering:

  • key performances for network hardware devices
  • circuit performance
  • performance of network topology 

Part E - Conclusion

The conclusion is written with to say final words on the issues you have discussed in the report, to combine thoughts, highlight how your ideas or suggestions are important, and to let your reader know about the new ideas (if any). Therefore, you are required to conclude your report in such a way that your reader must feel glad when they read your conclusion. List all list the key ideas, check whether you have linked the arguments to a context before concluding your assignment. As per our report writing experts, you must briefly include the key points and work on the thesis statement while concluding your assignment. 

Here’s a snapshot of the conclusion taken from the CSC00240 data communication and networks assignment sample:

CSC00240 data communication and networks assignment sample

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