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Crafting a Nursing Research Protocol to Address Public Health Issues

Crafting a Nursing Research Protocol to Address Public Health Issues
One of the many nursing assignments troubling you could be writing a research protocol. It is an essential component of the four-part assessment that you will receive if you’re pursuing Epidemiology and Statistics course. Weighing  exactly 25% of the total grades, this assignment is a great opportunity to score the top marks. Yet, a majority of students a number of face challenges in writing their research protocols.


How to write a nursing research protocol to address  public health issues?

Our online nursing assignment help expert will answer this question.

Let’s jump right  in …                                                                                                      

But, first, let us understand what a research protocol is. It is a document that contains a highly systematic analysis and interpretation of your research topic. Also, there is no difference between a research proposal and a research topic; they are exactly the same. 

Preparing your Nursing Research Proposal – Basics first!

To prepare your research protocol to address a public health issue, you will require tips and a list of mistakes to avoid. And above that, our nursing assignment help experts suggest that you should know the appropriate format and be able to write out every component of this proposal.

This epidemiological research proposal requires you to:

1) think about how to address a public health issue

2) consider ethical implications

3) choose research design

4) include qualitative/quantitative research methods

“But how do I write a epidemiological research protocol to address a public health issue?” You ask …

Format of a Research Proposal

Below, you can see each component of research protocol explained in the easiest manner. Remember, that your proposal should act as a blueprint and be convincing at the same time.

1) Title of research proposal: Your epidemiological research protocol should have a clear and concise topic. This is such that even by looking at the title, your professor gets an idea of your study is is all about. Our nursing assignment help experts can provide you more insight into choosing a spot-on epidemiological research title.

2) Background along with justification: Choose a topic when you feel that either you have a good knowledge or you can easily find sufficient information on it. This section needs to be brief and it would be better to include the literature as well. You can also include an extension of the researches that you have chosen for the topic.

3) Study hypotheses: To write an epidemiological research protocol to address public health issues, you would require a clear and concise study hypotheses.

4) Research design: As our nursing assignment help experts suggested, research protocol assignments must include either of qualitative or quantitative study and analysis. Now, this section has sub-parts.

5) Critical evaluation: On of the most over-looked sections, most students find it hard to include convincing recommendations and suggestions in their epidemiological research protocol assignments. Critical evaluation of your research description is extremely important and you should also include a few limitations of  the study. Our critical analysis assignment help experts will guide you through this as well.

6) References: Make sure that you are well-versed with the major reference styles such as APA, MLA, and Harvard. Every research protocol must include a full list of correct references.

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