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COIT20245 Java Programming Assessment Answer

COIT20245 Java Programming Assessment Answer
Java console program is one of the topics in your COIT20245 unit assessment 1. Just like every assessment task, this too relates to the learning outcomes as provided in your course profile. Due to the complexity of this task, many students like you face challenges in developing a Java console program and, thus, look for COIT20245 Java programming assessment answers. This blog will certainly save your time by showing you exactly how to prepare the Java program. Our Java programming assignment experts discuss the proper way to write a Java console application and implement it.

COIT20245 Java Programming Assessment Sample


For this COIT assessment task, you must be clear with your Java fundamental concepts such as Java primitive and built-in data types, selection and looping statements, Java commands and more.

This is because, with the help of all these concepts, you will be able to develop the Java console program that produces the correct results. In the very first part of this COIT20245 assessment answer, you need to prepare a flow chart for the car parking system. Make sure that you include both ‘true' and ‘false' values in this diagram.

While this can become a time-consuming task, you may want to depict how long it took to create this flow chart. Some students find problems when producing outputs. But the main objective of this task is to test all the different possibilities in the Java program. Thus, if you too encounter any issues in creating this flow chart, then simply take the help of this COIT20245 Java console program assessment sample below.

COIT20245 java programming assessment question

COIT20245 java programming assessment question

Various screenshots are attached in this blog so that it gives you an idea of how the codes and output should look like. Even though this is a simple assignment, writing the COIT20245 Java programming assessment answer can be a little tricky.

Following the below steps can make this all a lot easier for you to write the answers:

  1. Since the car parking is your objective, you first create a CarPark class that contains the main method. However, in this step, you might face certain errors. So, make sure that as you encounter them, you fix and move ahead to the next step.
  2. Use the COMPILE method that you have already learnt about in the class.
  3. Now, it’s time to create a validation loop and create a loop to loop. This allows reading of the data. However, you can do this in the end too.
  4. If you want to complete this step here itself, then make sure to determine whether your stay is maximum or minimum. Once again, COMPILE and RUN.
  5. After looping, you must gather statistics where maximum and minimum stays will be visible.
  6. Calculate an average stay number by adding up the number of hours, and once again, output the statistics.

Here is the screenshot of the COIT20245 java programming assessment answer that shows how this is done -

COIT20245 java programming assessment answer

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