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Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making Case Study Assessment Answer


Are you a student of nursing discipline and have got stuck with your assignment? Get help from our professionals at Online Assignment Expert. Here you will find the nursing assignment experts who have PhD degrees in the field of medicine from an Australian university. Also, they have complete subject knowledge as well as an assignment which helps them in completing critical case study like Nursing Priorities: Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making assessment easily.


Approach To Answer Nursing Priorities: Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making assignment

In order to solve the above task as Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making assignments, you must have to select a case option from case option 1 (adolescent case) and case option 2 (adult case). You are also required to review the case you have selected and the clinical documents as well. With the help of clinical reasoning, you will have to plan, assess, implement and analyse the care of a patient. After this, you must identify the two priority problems of the patient.For each of these problems, you need to find out the two nursing interventions i.e. independent and collaborative. These nursing interventions should be linked to your literature research. One of the intervention will be nursing led.

The Nursing Priorities Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making assignments experts say that in the collaborative intervention, you are required to focus on the role of the nurses. You can also use a one or two line rationale for your intervention. It is also important to evaluate care.

Moreover, you should justify the nursing intervention that have implemented. You can explain what is involved in the implementation of the intervention, state the reason for its suitability, related negative or positive considerations etc.

The Nursing Priorities: Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making assignment Can Be Derived in the following way

  • Start with an introduction part which will include an overview of the condition of a patient and also the two priority nursing problems.
  • You will be needed to briefly explain these two issues as how it is concerned with the assessment data of the patient. Also, explain the link between the patient’s sign and problem and symptoms as per your understanding.
  • You are required to assess a minimum of five articles for each intervention.
  • As a conclusion, you need to analyse the condition and problem of a patient. Also, discuss how the interventions can be beneficial for a patient’s health.

How To Solve Nursing Priorities: Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making assignment?

Without taking help from Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making case study experts, dealing with such assignments can be difficult. But don’t worry because our nursing assignment experts have explained the few tips for your clinical reasoning assignment.

  • You must have the knowledge of NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for National Safety, Nursing Practice. National Health Priorities etc.
  • Should have adequate knowledge and understanding of physiology, anatomy, pathophysiology in order to support evidence based decision.
  • Well-versed with the skills to communicate and collaborate effectively with the patient and their families.

Apart from this, there are different other things that a student must know to complete Nursing Priorities: Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Decision Making assignment.

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