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CHCPAL001 Deliver Care Services Using a Palliative Care Approach Assessment Answer

CHCPAL001 Deliver Care Services Using a Palliative Care Approach Assessment Answer

CHCPAL001 Deliver Care Services Using a Palliative Care Approach Assessment Answer

Students pursuing community service courses from Australian Nursing and Training Services institute must be required to write assignments for CHCPAL001 unit. Under this unit, you will be asked to answer three types of assessment i.e. underpinning knowledge questions, research work, and simulation of practical skills. To solve these assessments, it is important to hold the knowledge and skills to take effective care of people with a life-limiting illness or normal ageing process or life-threatening process in a soothing approach.

There might be students who are worried about the "how to write the CHCPAL001: Deliver Care Services using a Palliative Care Approach assessment answer?" They can consult with our nursing assignment experts to get help in writing or can read the details explained below to understand the requirements and follow it accordingly to prepare a wonderful answer for the CHCPAL001 assessments. 

Brief Overview for CHCPAL001 Deliver Care Services Using a Palliative Care Approach Assessment Answer

As we have discussed above that different assignments are covered under the CHCPAL001 Community Care Services assessment. Now, we will discuss each assignments detail. 

Assessment 1: Underpinning Knowledge Questions

In this assessment, you are required to complete the activities involved with underpinning knowledge questions. These activities may be completed either individually or group. To solve these questions, you must be well-versed with the skills and knowledge required in community services.

Activity 1A:

underpinning knowledge questions

To answer the questions, you must describe the techniques used to identify the preferences and needs of the clients. For example – 

  • Identifying the preference and needs of the customers from the available data. 
  • Interacting with family members to know additional needs.
  • Develop a process to determine the customer's need.
  • Identify the steps taken by the customer to find out the requirements and needs.
  • Discuss why it is important to know the preferences of your targeted customers. You can focus on the primary needs like a good product, fair price, good care, and good support. The answer should not exceed 120 words. 

Activity 1B:

CHCPAL001 assessment sample

Here, you should be focused to highlight the strategies that can assist you to resolve the communication barriers and how an elderly person can be averse in discussing the preferences and needs with a care worker.

The strategies that can help you to overcome the communication barriers will be:

  • Do use slang language instead of this you can use plain language that can be easy to understand. 
  • Awareness of cultural difference. Providing respect to each other can be the best strategy to overcome communication barriers.
  • Use visual methods communication. 

Activity 1C:

CHCPAL001 assignment answer

To answer this answer, you must be aware of the methods used to identify the discomfort and pain. Our assignment writing experts are well-versed with methods like self-report, observational, mental status, social interaction, and behavioural signs which can be the important factors in answering these questions.

Just like these activities, there are few other activities involved with multiples questions are required to deal while the study of CHCPAL001 communicates service courses. The questions are mainly based on the ways involved with family members at the time of care process, the importance of palliative approach, what is stereotyping, and there will be few case study and questions related to it.

Assessment 2: Research Project

In this part of the assessment, you are asked to write answers for few questions in detail. The objective of this assignment is to check the necessary knowledge of the students.

Few questions are explained below:

research project assignment sample

As per our nursing assignment experts, students who are willing to answer the above questions must know the following:

  • Principles, philosophy, advantages, and range of palliative care
  • Religious, spiritual, and cultural differences concerned with dying and death 
  • Comfort and pain relief promotion
  • Hydration and nutritional requirements at the time of the palliative approach
  • Ethical and legal considerations to work in a palliative care
  • What should the responsibilities of self and team members?
  • Signs for deterioration and imminent death 

Assessment 3: Workplace observation of practical skills

This section asks you to present your ability to complete the given tasks in the scheduled time. Your answer should display the evidence to report, support, and document issues. Your questions will be based on a particular scenario and as a result, you will be required to tick the appropriate column. If you need any sort of assistance regarding the CHCPAL001 Deliver Care Services Using A Palliative Care Approach Assessment Answer, contact Online Assignment Expert

Consider Following Points to write best CHCPAL001: Deliver Care Services Using Palliative Care Approach Assessment Answer

As per our nursing assignment experts, students can include the below-given points or elements to draft a wonderful piece of CHCPAL001 Deliver Care Services Using A Palliative Care Approach Assessment Answer. The points are as followed:

  • How to apply the palliative approach principals while supporting a person?
  • Effective ways to respect an individual’s need and preferences
  • Adhere to the advance care directives of a person in the care plan
  • How will you react to signs of pain or other illness symptoms?
  • Monitor the strategies involved with end-of-life care 
  • Manage and maintain ethical issues and emotional responses 

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Our experts providing CHCPAL001 Assessment Answers have knowledge and skills to apply the palliative approach to support an individual, creating a supportive environment, interpret advance care directives, a sign of pain and discomfort, symptoms of illness, etc. We also provide CHCPAL001 Deliver Care Services Using A Palliative Care Approach Assessment Samples to students. These samples may only be used as a reference and guide to refer while writing assignments.  

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