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Chcleg001 Work Legally And Ethically Assessment Sample

Chcleg001 Work Legally And Ethically Assessment Sample

Chcleg001 Work Legally And Ethically Assessment Sample

In nursing and healthcare courses, students have to pursue various units and one of them is CHCLEG001. This particular unit explains the knowledge and skills necessary in determining and working with the ethical and legal frameworks which are applied to a job role. The modules of the unit relate to the health workers and community services that have a vital role in finding and meeting ethical and legal responsibilities.

The CHCLEG001 work legally and ethically assessments are based on aged care topics. Skills and knowledge of the course should be applied in accordance with State/ Territory/ Commonwealth legislation, industry code of conduct, and New Zealand/ Australian standards. Therefore, you must have a clear understanding and knowledge of the assignment as well as the subject. However, let us read the important details of the assignment. 

Chcleg001 Work Legally And Ethically Assessment Details

The CHCLEG001 work legally and ethically assessment is comprised of three different tasks. 

  • Assessment 1 – Skills/knowledge assessment including questions and case scenarios
  • Assessment 2 – Activities based on a project
  • Assessment 3 – Workplace observation

Assessment 1 – Underpinning Knowledge Questions

The first assignment requires answering a few questions correctly based on your learning and knowledge. They are – 

  • Find out the five different common legal issues important to the workplace.
  • Briefly explain the Australian legal system.
  • Describe the two types of laws with at least 2 examples.
  • Explain the term key statutory and requirement of regulations related to an individual’s work role?

Apart from these questions, you will be required to analyse the below-given case study and answer the questions that follow.

Chcleg001 case study sample

Chcleg001 Work Legally And Ethically Assessment Question

Assessment 2 – Research Project/ Work

The main objective of this assessment 2 under CHCLEG001 work legally and ethically is to display the understanding of the subject and unit. It includes a short case scenario of Niccky, working in a residential care setting. The questions involved in this part are also given below. Need the answers to those questions? Get in touch with our aged care assignment help team today!

CHCLEG001 research project-sample

Answering these questions enable students to demonstrate the knowledge of:

  • Ethical and legal considerations for an individual working in health and community services 
  • Ways to apply these considerations in an organisation
  • Consequences of breaches in terms of codes of conduct, discrimination, the duty of care, codes of practice, and more

Assessment 3 – Workplace Observation And Simulation

Workplace Observation And Simulation Assessment Sample

The last part of the CHCLEG001 work legally and ethically assessment is about Donny, a 78-year-old man suffering dementia staying with his partner, Amanda. In this part, you will be asked to analyse this short case and determine the ethical as well as legal issues that can be breached and find the workplace documentation that you required to protect Donny. 

Here’s How to Answer the Chcleg001 Work Legally And Ethically Assessments

Students pursuing the unit, CHCLEG001 work legally and ethically, have to answer the above-given questions accurately. As per the experts offering assignment help and CHCLEG001 work legally and ethically assessment samples, here’s what you need to remember: 

To find and respond to legal requirements

  • Find, evaluate, and interpret the information sources related to the legal requirements of a work role
  • Follow the required legal policies in work practice 
  • Determine the nature and scope of legal and ethical responsibilities and rights
  • Identify the actual as well as potential report and breaches related to organisation procedures

Determining the ethical responsibilities 

  • Describe the ethical dilemmas and issues
  • Explain your personal attitudes and values 
  • Make proper and effective use of problem-solving methods 
  • Find out the unethical conduct of conduct and report as well 
  • Determine the actual and potential interest conflicts and state what would be the possible action

How to contribute in improving workplaces?

  • Find out the work practices that need to be improved in order to meet the ethical and legal responsibilities
  • Recommend solutions and share feedback with supervisors
  • How you can contribute in developing and reviewing the protocols and policies 

Need Further Assistance In Writing Chcleg001 Work Legally And Ethically Assessment?

If you still need help in these assessment tasks, then feel free to contact Online Assignment Expert. Our experts will guide you with all the necessary steps required in writing the CHCLEG001 work legally and ethically assessments. We have submitted 820+ CHCLEG001 assessment solutions in the last eight months and students received excellent grades in their assignments. To find out more about our aged care assignment help, do visit our website or speak to our customer care team today!    

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