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CHCGRP002: Plan and Conduct Group Activities community Assignment Answer

CHCGRP002: Plan and Conduct Group Activities community Assignment Answer
Sarina Russo Institute, Australia is a part of Sarina Russo Group. This institute was established in 1979 and since then it has been offering outstanding and excellent education, recruitment, training, and job creation. Its features courses are leadership and management, business, and community services. Today we are going to discuss the CHCGRP002 unit and its assignments. This unit generally deals with plans and group activities. The CHCGRP002 unit describes the skills and knowledge required in developing, leading, and participating in a group using a strengths-based and collaborative approach. This unit is involved in many qualifications such as Diploma of Outdoor Leadership, Certificate IV in Public Safety (Community Safety), Diploma of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Practice, Diploma of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care, Certificate III in Population Health, and more.

The CHCGRP002: Plan and Conduct Group Activities unit is comprised of four assessment tasks i.e. written questions, written assignments, portfolio of activities, and workplace portfolio. Before we begin with other important details related to these tasks, we must understand these assessment tasks in detail by our community assignment help experts. 

Introduction to CHCGRP002: Plan and Conduct Group Activities community assignments

The tasks involved with the CHCGRP002: Plan and Conduct Group Activities Community assignments are designed to emphasize and encompass competence skills and knowledge. Students are required to exhibit the following knowledge and skills: 

  • Make the best use of interpersonal and communication skills such as listening, effective non-verbal communication, questioning, paraphrasing, empathetic responding, negotiation, summarising, and conflict resolution. 
  • Ethical and legal considerations for group tasks and how to apply these considerations in an individual and organisations practice.
  • Processes and principles of strengths-based practice; purposes and types of groups in the context of community services, required resources for the group task, group dynamics and behaviour, techniques and processes to engage and manage planning processes, and more. 

Assessment Task 1: Written Questions

In this task, you are required to answer a few questions in at least 150 words each. You are free to use any type of source to find materials for these questions. The lists of questions are given below:

CHCGRP002 assignment question

Assessment 2: Written Assignment

This assessment consists of two parts, i.e. PART 1 and PART 2. You will be provided with a case scenario and based on it; you are required to answer the questions.

Case Scenario

CHCGRP002 case scenario


The task is to write a formal submission to a management committee of the community service organisation. Your submission should include an argument like why your group is required. The submission report should be at least 2500 words. There are few things to focus while writing a submission such as:

  • Focus on the post-partum group purpose and aims
  • Explain the activities involved with the plan implementation of the group 
  • Describe the procedures and techniques for group management 
  • Resources like financial, human, physical or any other resources required 


Here, you are asked to answer the 2 questions given below.

CHCGRP002 assignment answer part 1

The group activities evaluation should be performed by using a survey that is comprised of certain questions. The following things should be covered under CHCGRP002 assessment:

  • The core objective of the program
  • Discuss the key target population that are covered under this seminar
  • Ways to achieve the objectives of the program 
  • Specific features of the seminar and what could be the intent to make it successful
  • Have you implemented the strategies properly for completing project target

Plan and Conduct Group Activities community assignment Answer

Here you are required to discuss those two strategies that can be applied to make sure that the group participants will get ample support. You can also include participants' opportunities for support, mediation, debriefing, facilitation, and consultation. 

Assessment 3: Portfolio of Activities

In this assessment, you will be provided with a few activities and asked for answers to the questions based on it.  Activities are given in 'Activities Portfolio'. It is a combined document. You will be required to mention your name and number on the cover page of your document. 

CHCGRP002 activities portfolio

Foundational Skills Required for CHCGRP002 Assessment Answer

The foundation skills are the skills that describe the required skills such as literacy, language, employment, and numeracy skills. These skills are quite essential to performance. Writing a community-based assignment is not easy for students whether it is a CHCGRP002 assessment answer or CHCGRO001 assessment answer. However, here our nursing assignment experts have defined a few foundational skills that can help you in writing your answers accurately. 

Plan resources and group activities 

  • Analyse and evaluate the information available and determine the requirements of the group
  • Create ideas and concepts for activities as per the identified needs
  • Find, compute, and interpret the resources 
  • Organising the available resources as per the organisation procedures

Manage group planning practices

  • Search for chances to cooperate planning and collective client ownership
  • Implore, examine, and line up the information about the requirements and expectations of the group
  • Convey the purpose behind group activities related to a group that allows the opportunity to coherent the wishes and ideas
  • Define the purpose of planned group activity based on the aim, input, and objectives
  • Evaluate the latent effect on group operation 
  • Design proposals for the group strategies promoting operation and bring them into account 

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