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CHCECE007 Develop Positive and Respectful Relationships With Children

CHCECE007 Develop Positive and Respectful Relationships With Children
CHCECE007 assessment deals with developing positive and respectful relationships with children. CHCECE007 assignments need the knowledge and skills to work with children and develop effective positive behaviour and relationship. If you are close to your semester exams, you probably require help in CHCECE007 assignments because dealing with these assignments can be challenging and tough at various stages.

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Important Elements and Performance Criteria For CHCECE007 Solution


Build positive communication with children

  • Need to respond appropriately and sensitively to every effort of the children to communicate
  •  Involved in stable communication with each child about the things as per the interest of the children
  •   Always respond positively to children
  •  Devote time to children in leisure time and assist then to create a proper and relaxed routine

Positive interaction with children

  • Get involved in children’s activities by the use of children’s cues and guide them with the type and level of involvement
  • Respond respectfully and positively to children’s questions and also ask them for requests
  • Encourage and motivate children to share their ideas and stories

Respect and Support Children

  • Help children in developing an environment which shows children’s life and local community
  • Support them in the execution of routines and practices which honour children, family and their community
  • Present real interest in understanding and respect for all children
  • Assist those children who show signs of distress
  • Respond and react as per the situation
  • Identify the achievements and effort of the children

Keep the rights and dignity of the children

  • Help in planning resources, spaces, and routines in order to reduce times when children are potential to undergo with frustration and stress
  • Let the children free to experience natural consequences where physical or emotional risk is low or not involved
  • Track and address to children’s play and assist them to involved in any conflict
  • Appreciate children in making positive choices in handling their behaviour
  • Always show positive gestures, language and facial expressions while discussing or redirecting for children’s behaviour
  • Always be calm, reassuring and gentle  when they clearly frustration, express distress, or anger
  • Provide regularly guidance in terms of their behaviour and focused on building skills to preserve and self-regulate and promote


Important Elements and Performance Criteria For CHCECE007 Solution


These were the few elements and performance criteria discussed above by our nursing experts. Also, they say that students must demonstrate performance evidence to ensure that the students have completed the following task:

Performance Evidence

  • Listening actively
  • Taking into consideration of a child’s activities, age, culture, interests and needs
  • Construing verbal and non-verbal signs of children
  • Evaluate and answer adequately to the behaviour of the children
  • Motivate children to respect commonalities and disparities between each other
  • Engaged and appreciate children in planning and decision-making

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