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CHCCS400C: Work Within a Relevant Legal and Ethical Framework Assessment Answer

CHCCS400C: Work Within a Relevant Legal and Ethical Framework Assessment Answer
Are your assignments on the verge of becoming your nightmare or they have become one already? Is the looming deadly deadline to submit CHCCS400C: Work Within a Relevant Legal and Ethical Framework Assessment Answer giving you apprehensions? And now you are getting mad over scrolling from one Google page to the other? You could resort to scrounging through the internet along with a lumbering bulk of nursing books to pen down that perfect CHCCS400C: Work Within a Relevant Legal and Ethical Framework Assessment Sample, but all in vain until now. You should consider yourself lucky enough to have landed on to the right page, Online Assignment Expert, this is the place where you will get the best PhD connoisseurs, who will help you out in framing your CHCCS400C Assessment Sample, the best way. 

Whether it is community services, defence, health or disability work skill set, whatever is stopping you in scoring HD grades, you will have a solution for that here at Online Assignment Expert. Our experts can provide you with in-depth knowledge regarding even the most confounding topics and will assist you in penning down the most impressive paper even at the 11th hour. But in case, you would like to go ahead all by yourself, in this blog, we have covered the most significant topics that you must know about before starting with CHCCS400C: Work Within a Relevant Legal and Ethical Framework Assessment Answer.

Topics that Come Under CHCCS400C: Work Within a Relevant Legal and Ethical Framework Assessment

Below are some major topics that students mostly come up to us with queries:

  • Community Services
  • Community Services Training
  • Defence Training 
  • Health Training 
  • Disability work skillset
  • High support and complex care skillset - disability work
  • Disability work skillset - behaviour support
  • High support and complex care skillset - aged care
  • Career development practice skillset

What is the legal and ethical framework?

A legal framework is a framework that is outlined in the laws of the government. So, to let you know, the statutes and laws that lawyers point all come under a legal framework. For instance, if you have ever seen hoardings where it is mentioned that you cannot park at a certain place, keeping the city statue or code. 

On the other hand, an ethical framework is the one where it doesn't need to have a legal basis. They are based on the principles of humans. For instance, in case there is only a single spot left in the parking lot and you are eying to park there, you can do so but by not crashing into anyone or going over the speed limit. 

What are the 5 ethical considerations?

Informed consent

Informed consent is where the participant takes informed decision as to whether they will participate in the evaluation or not and that’s what the primary aim of informed consent is.  In other words, this means that a participant is completely informed about the examination being conducted. 

Voluntary participation

Under voluntary participation, people join in the assessment free from coercion. In this, the participants don't need to stay connected and they can withdraw as and when they want to from the ongoing program. 

Do no harm

Another ethical consideration is no harm, in any form; be it, physical or mental/ psychological. It can be in the form of pain, anxiety, tension, stress or assault to privacy. The estimation procedure mustn’t harm the participants in any way. 


Well, confidentiality is the fact that no information is leaked or accessed by anyone other than the coordinator only. 


What is anonymity? Well, it is a severer procedure of confidentiality, as the individuality of the contributor rests unidentified to the investigation squad. 

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chccs400c assessment answer

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