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CHCCOM005: Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services Assessment Answers

CHCCOM005: Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services Assessment Answers

Australian Nursing and Training Services are mainly focused to provide the best skill to quality care. At ANTS Australia, you will find the best simulated and practical training by highly-qualified assessors and trainers. It is known to provide various educational qualifications and one of them is CHCCOM005. Generally, the CHCCOM005: Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services is being studied in different accredited courses, training packages, and qualification courses. Under this unit, you will be required to undergo an assessment named CHCCOM005. In this assessment, you will be required to answer a few questions correctly. In case, if you find any sort of issues in the CHCCOM005: Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services assessment answer can contact Online Assignment Expert. 

ANTS offer assignments with a motive the student’s knowledge, capabilities, skills, etc. To provide an accurate CHCCOM005: Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services assessment answer, you must describe the knowledge and skills to interconnect with colleagues, clients, management, and others effectively. Apart from this, you should also be proficient in writing, work under the indirect or direct supervision of an individual, and using digital media. However, let’s have a quick overview of the assessment. 

Quick Overview of CHCCOM005: Communicate and Work in Health or Community Services Assessment

This assessment includes both open and closed book questions. To solve them, you will be required to conduct extensive research through different sources like textbooks, the internet, and a student’s guide. University expects to get a non-plagiarised and well-written document. Therefore, write the answers using your own words to avoid plagiarism. 

The CHCCOM005 unit is comprised of different assessments i.e. assessment 1, assessment 2, and assessment 3. 

Assessment 1: Underpinning knowledge questions

This section should be completed either individually or in a group based on the assessment environment and activity. Under this part of the assessment, there are different activities like activity 1A, activity 1B, activity 1C, and so on. Each activity includes a few questions that should be answered based on your subject-knowledge and academic skills. Our nursing assignment experts have provided the lists of questions covered under assessment 1. 

Activity 1A:

CHCCOM005 assessment sample

Hints to Answer the Above-Given Questions

If you are a nursing student and studying health and community services from ANTS and you must answer each question of the assessment accurately. Therefore, our healthcare and community services assignment experts say that you have to provide a minimum of three qualities of non-verbal and verbal communication. Explain the Lasswell’s communication model including five components (communicator, message, medium, receiver, and effect) and explain how this model of communication is different from Weaver and Shannon Model of Communication. 

Activity 1B

communicate and work in health or community services assessment question

CHCCOM005 assessment question

Just like the above activities, there are few more activities and questions that you are required to answer to score better grades in the assessment. However, we will now understand assessment 2 i.e. project-based activity. 

Assessment 2: Research work

The main objective of this assessment is to show that you have the capabilities, knowledge, and skills required to complete the research work. Under this assessment task, you will be required to answer the below-given questions in detail. 

Questions to be answered:

CHCCOM005 case study assessment sample

Answering these questions in detail will provide you with the knowledge of:

        a) Legal and ethical considerations concerning communication

  • Confidentiality, privacy, and disclosure
  • duty of care
  • discrimination
  • mandatory reporting
  • informed consent
  • translation
  • limitations and responsibilities

    Information sources and ethical and legal aspects of community or health care services
    c) Ethical and legal decision-making and variances of interest

    d) Principles of interconnecting discussing the modes, models, and types

    e) What are the techniques of communication?

  • affirmations, open questions, and reflections
  • Distinguish between coercive approach and motivational interviewing
  • difference between confrontation and collaboration

    Stimuli on communication
  • religion
  • culture
  • disability
  • language
  • emotional state
  • age
  • healthg) Able to describe the constraints of communicating effectively in community and health service

    h) Come to understand the necessity of speed, accurate pronunciation, and well-use of grammar in verbal and written communication

    i) Effective use of non-verbal communication

    j) Different models and organisational structure to assist client services

  • principles supporting the person-centred service delivery
  • role of support services
  • different characters and tasks of a team
  • principles and values of service delivery
  • funding environment
  • Inter-relationships and links with other services 
  • What are the features of multi-disciplinary teams?k) Use of different digital media in the health-care sector and community services 
  • email
  • web
  • tablets and applications
  • social media
  • newsletters and broadcasts
  • podcast and videos
  • intranet

Assessment 3: Observation of Practical Skills

After successful completion of assessment 3, you will have the required knowledge and skills to demonstrate the performance element of CHCCOM005: communicate and work in health or community services unit.

 In this assessment, you will be given a case scenario. Based on it, you will be required to answer the complete the activity.

Observation of Practical Skills

Performing these activities enables you to showcase and present the performance evidence clearly:

  • Highlight the effective communication skills in three different situations
  • Clarify the instructions at the workplace and negotiate timeframes 
  • Respond properly and correctly for different situations where communication restrictions are present

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If you are a student studying in ANTS, Australia then you must compose a wonderful and well-researched assignment paper for this unit code. In case, if you find any difficulty then you can refer to the above-given information and details. Still want to know more about CHCCOM005: communicate and work in health or community services assessment? Contact Online Assignment Expert! We at Online Assignment Expert will guide you with all the necessary steps that help in scoring better grades. With us, you will also get CHCCOM005 assessment samples written by subject-matter experts. If you have answered all the questions of this assessment and need someone to proofread and make necessary changes to your document, let us know. We have a team of skilled proofreaders and editors who have a better understanding “how to write university assignments?”

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