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CHCCCS011: Meet Personal Support Needs Nursing Care Plan Assessment Answer

chcccs011 meet personal support needs nursing care plan assessment answer

Nursing is a noble profession in the field of medicare and healthcare. Nursing is not only about treating patient’s physical ailments and emotional needs but also to support them in their daily living. Therefore, CHCCCS011: Meet Personal Support Needs is offered. 

Nurses are involved in multiple tasks, roles, and responsibilities. Meeting personal support of an individual is one of the major roles of a nurse. CHCCCS011 unit is the best for those who want to deliver community services. Under this unit, students deal with various assignments and one of them is CHCCCS011: Meet Personal Support Needs. The academic writers at Online Assignment Experts have defined the types of assessments covered under this unit. 

What are the types of assessment covered under CHCCCS011: Meet Personal Support Needs Nursing Care Plan?

Under the CHCCCS011: Meet Personal Support Needs Nursing Care Plan unit, students are asked to attempt three different types of assessments that check the set of skills, understanding, and learning of the unit. Let’s discuss them. 

Assessment 1: Knowledge-based Questions

In this assessment, you are required to answer a few questions either individually or in a group. The questions asked in this assessment are as followed – 

CHCCCS011 assignment sample

To answer these questions, you are must read and understand the case scenario first. Along with this, you should also have adequate knowledge of personal care needs. You should focus on the health and hygiene of a patient that helps in personality enhancement. 

Apart from this, there are many questions under CHCCCS011: Meet Personal Support Needs assessment. If you are unable to answer any of them opt to buy CHCCCS011: Meet Personal Support Needs Nursing Care Plan Assessment Answers or avail our nursing care plan assignment help

Assessment 2: Research work

chcccs011 research assignment scenario

It is a research-based work where you must understand the above-given case scenario and present an accurate solution for the following questions.

  • Explain the difference between the personal care provided in each situation.
  • Discuss the roles and obligations of workers and personal support providers? 
  • Describe the two different theories related to enablement and re-enablement?
  • Focus on the best ways to maintain client privacy? 
  • How to keep the information and records of clients private?
  • Explain the duty of care

So, these were the few questions that you have to answer correctly. In case, if you need any sort of assistance related to your CHCCCS011: Meet Personal Support Needs Nursing Care Plan assessments then let our experts know. They know about the duty of care, work health and safety, employer responsibilities in manual handling, body hygiene, oral hygiene, grooming, and human body system, etc. 

Assessment 3: Workplace Simulation

Here you are required to showcase your ability in terms of performance and elements of CHCCC001 unit. You must be capable to manage contingencies and tasks concerned with the job role.

CHCCC001 workplace simulation assignment sample

It can be seen that in the assessment 3, you are required to focus on bed bathing, oral hygiene, showering, etc. These activities are performed by the health practitioner and also important to meet an individual’s support needs. 

Few Things to Remember While Writing the CHCCCS011: Meet Personal Support Needs Nursing Care Plan Assessment Answers

There are few instructions and guidelines prescribed by your institution and professor and should be adhered while preparing the CHCCCS011: Meet Personal Support Needs Nursing Care Plan Assessment Answer. The instructions are as follows – 

  • It is both a closed book and an open-book assessment. 
  • Use sources like textbooks, internet, library books, e-books, etc. 
  • Give answers in your own words. Avoid copy and paste method. 

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