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Case study on Mental Illness And Services And Approach To Solve These Assignments

Case study on Mental Illness And Services And Approach To Solve These Assignments
Have you been asked to draft an assignment for mental illness and services? If yes, then you might be aware of its challenges too. Don’t worry as Online Assignment Expert will guide you in solving this case study. We’ll dig into the case and take a look at some of the areas where many students have reportedly got stuck. By the time you have finished reading this blog, we believe that that you must have found the answer to your problem!

mental health

Sample For Mental Illness and Services Case Study


In order to solve the above assignments, you are required to follow the approach and methods explained below. These methods are explained by nursing assignment experts who are experienced and written multiple assignments based on mental illness, mental health interventions and more.

Approach to Be Followed to Write Mental Illness and Services Case Study

The above-given assignment is a type of case study that requires you to discuss the mental health interventions in Middle-Income Countries: Considering the Science of Delivery. Thus, it is important to have knowledge of the following:

  • This paper is focused mainly on the attentive examination of the key, delivery system or non-specific intervention strategies of internationally-based organizations that address the mental illness in middle-income countries.
  • Students must be well-versed with the application and scaling up of interventions based on pieces of evidence. They should focus on the social determinants of the illness and the biomedical concepts of mental illness and treatment.
  • Include the type of methods included in mental illness and services case study assignment. For example - case identification, data collection, data analysis. Students can follow the Stake's model for case study analysis. They should follow appropriate methods to collect data and contextual information for settings and organisation operations. Such information is collected through a review of documents which include annual reports and websites.
  • After this, the students are required to focus on the results and discussion. Our nursing assignment experts have recently prepared an assignment for the above-related assignment/ case study. They have selected five organisations to study the basic needs and sites in Ghana and Vietnam, Acid Survivor's Foundation in Bangladesh, Banyan in Chennai, India, and Advance in Egypt and the Foundation Colectivo Aqui y Ahora in Colombia. All the above-mentioned organisations focus on mental health and supports was lacking or extremely lacking. Identifying basic needs is one of the largest and scaled interventions to analyse the mental illness. Thus, it becomes important for a student to choose such an organisation and examine mental illness globally.
  • Now the area to be focused on is the two thematic elements that are leverage and social capital. Social capital is also known as the generation of resources that are used to support capacity, development and scaling interventions. The subheadings fall under this section can be leadership, livelihoods, empowerment etc.

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