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BUS5SBF Statistics For Business And Finance Assessment Answer

BUS5SBF Statistics For Business And Finance Assessment Answer

Dealing with Statistics assignments have always been a concern for many students. It needs complete information and subject knowledge. In case, you lack the knowledge of statistics, writing, editing or proofreading skills you probably need BUS5SBF business and finance assessment sample or assignment experts. Assignment sample can help you in generating ideas of dealing with assignments whereas the assignment experts assist you in preparing your assignment flawlessly.

If you are a student of Statistics, Business Studies or Finance, you can be asked to write the assignments like BUS5SBF. It is a subject code in which you are required to answer a few questions as a part of your assignment. The approaches given by the subject matter experts can help you in designing your assignment.

Approaches To Be Followed For BUS5SBF Business and Finance Assessment Answer

BUS5SBF assessment question

In order to answer the above question, you are required to organise the data as per the given guideline. After this, use the Simple Random Sampling method to collect the sample from the households for the above question. You can also use the descriptive statistics to compare the volatility in WI, WEF and FS.

BUS5SBF assessment task2

Approach For The Task 2 Of BUS5SBF business and finance assessment

Once you conduct a sample data, you are required to develop a graphical bar chart and tabular chart of WI which will be on the basis of the following:

1st Class = Very Poor

2nd Class= Poor

3rd Class= Moderate

4th Class= Rich

5th Class= Very Rich

The frequency distribution for the above table will be like

Weekly Income Frequency Percentage
Very Poor 74 74%
Poor 15 15%
Moderate 6 6%
Rich 3 3%
Very Rich 2 2%
Total 100

After this, you are required to find the most frequent group in WI sample data and what it says in terms of data distribution. Also, find out that the data sample of WI has distributed normally. You are also required to support your answer by a statistical reason.

BUS5SBF assessment task3

In the above question, you must have to answer the question given above. For part A, you are required to determine the top 10% and bottom 10% of WEF household values. For this, you are required to arrange the data in ascending order of magnitude.

For Part B, find the probability assuming that W values are less than or equal to $200. If you find any difficulty in calculating probability or answering the further part of task 2, simply take help by BUS5SBF business and finance assignment sample.

BUS5SBF business and finance assessment task4

Follow The Following Approach To Solve Task 4 Of BUS5SBF Business And Finance Assessment

The assignment experts have created a cross tabulation table which displays the association between HLE and head of household. The table may look like –

Family Head/HLE C G I P S Grand Total
F 1 2 36 3 42
M 3 4 2 11 38 58
Grand Total 3 5 4 47 41 100

After this, they opt to answer the questions given in the task on the basis of the above data.

Apart from the above questions/ tasks, there are few more tasks which need to be completed during attempting the assignment but we have less space to go about.

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