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Bsbwor502 - Lead And Manage Team Effectiveness Summative Assessment Answer

Bsbwor502 - Lead And Manage Team Effectiveness Summative Assessment Answer
May 23, 2020

Bsbwor502 - Lead And Manage Team Effectiveness Summative Assessment Answer

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Bsbwor502 - Lead And Manage Team Effectiveness Summative Assessment Answer

BSBWOR502 – Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness Summative unit is mainly studied by students enrolled in Vocational and Further Education (TAFE) programs. But it is also a part of courses like Diploma of Business Administration, Diploma of Leadership and Management, Diploma of Logistics, and Diploma of Project Management. Under this unit, students are assigned with a BSBWOR502 assessment. The main purpose of designing this assessment is to extend and reinforce skills and knowledge that is required to lead teams effectively within an organisation.

The BSBWOR502 – Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness summative assessment includes various tasks such as written questions, project communication management, project human resource management, staff training and management, and project management evaluation. To solve these tasks, you may demonstrate managerial level skills and knowledge including diverse and complex procedures and methods, use decision-making and problem-solving strategies.

Outline Of The Bsbwor502 Assessment

The BSBWOR502 assessment tasks are outlined below.

BSBWOR502 assessment tasks sample

To solve the above tasks, you are required to read and understand the assessment carefully before you begin the task. You will be provided with a few additional resources such as templates for project communication and/ or human resource management, customer data collection, team member data collection by the assessor. However, let’s have a look at the tasks involved with the BSBWOR502 assessment.

Assessment Task 1: Written Questions

It is an open-book test. In this test, you will be required to give answers to a few questions. The maximum time to complete this task is 2 hours. You must use MS Word or any other word-processed tool to write your answer and once you are done send it to mentor via email. You may have access to lecture notes, textbooks, and other materials during the task.

BSBWOR502 assignment question

Guidelines To Solve Assessment Task 1

While answering questions, you may use instructional words like explain, identify, etc, that describes the ways you have followed to solve the questions. You can also use the following definitions illustrated below for your response.

  • Analyse 
  • Compare
  • Contrast 
  • Discuss
  • Describe 
  • Evaluate
  • Explain
  • Identify
  • List
  • Outline
  • Summarise

Assessment Task 2: Project Communication Management

In this section, you must develop a plan for project communication management supporting the purposes of the given case study. In addition to this, you have to establish and amend a cloud-based project information management system. 

Essential Requirements

If you are a student and writing project communication management assignment on your own then you might require:

  • Accessibility to lecture notes, textbooks, articles, case studies, journals, etc.
  • A laptop or PC with internet access and Microsoft Office tool
  • Detailed policy and procedures for project management 
  • A template for project communication management plan 
  • A good place and environment for meeting
  • Roleplay participants

project communication management assignment sample

To satisfactorily score, you must address each question/tasks of the assessment with correct information. In case, if the result is not satisfactory then you will be required to appear in further assessment. In such a situation, you can also hire assignment writing experts or take help from bsbwor502 lead and manage team effectiveness assessment samples.

bsbwor502 lead and manage team effectiveness assessment samples

cloud based communication system

bsbwor502 lead and manage team effectiveness assessment question

How To Solve The Bsbwor502 Assessment Task 2?

To solve the above-given questions, you may be required to showcase your learning, research skills, and writing skills. However, online assignment writing experts have defined a few points that can be quite helpful in answering these questions. 

  • Find, examine and document the communication requirements of a project. It should include the wide use of information collected from policies and procedures of project management.
  • Develop vulnerable communication processes with stakeholders of the project.
  • Include information and materials gathered from stakeholders while developing a project communication plan so that the project objectives can be duly met with effectiveness.
  • Identify the issues related to information and communication management systems and resolve them appropriately. 

Let’s have a look at the email draft by our writers for the above question.

draft project communication management plan assessment

After this, you may explain the purpose and objectives of the communication management plan including the integration of the communication system, centralizing the procedures of the communication, and executive Slack cloud system. 

Assessment Task 3: Project Human Resource Management

The BSBWOR502 assessment task 3 requires you to draft a brief report for project human resources. After this, interact with the General Manager and discuss the job description. Also, you may do staffing at the Australian Home Show stand.

human resource management assignment sample

Based on the above-given case scenario, you are required to answer a few questions. Therefore, it is important to read the case scenario and note down the important points/ information.  The activities you must complete are as discussed below:

draft project hr benefit report

project hr benefit report format

In addition to these, there are few other activities like drafting an email to the General Manager, meeting with the General Manager, reviewing the report, establishing a performance plan, and allocating personnel. 

Additional Tips For Writing The Bsbwor502 Assessment Answers

If you are finding issues in answering the above questions, then you may either hire experts or follow the steps described below. Once you have finished your writing, cross-check with the following checklist. 

  • Develop and structure project organisation 
  • Discuss strategies and procedures to effectively manage human resource 
  • Discuss, communicate, and define a clear job description to each staff 
  • Prepare a performance plan to monitor goals, performance, outputs, and outcome
  • Form different strategies to make sure that the entire members of each team are put into planning, making decisions, and other operational facets
  • While meeting with the General Manager (your assessor), you may present effective communication skills.

If you still need assistance in Bsbwor502 - Lead And Manage Team Effectiveness Summative Assessment, then contact us. 

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