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BSBWOR204 Use Business Technology Assessment Answer

BSBWOR204 Use Business Technology Assessment Answer

BSBWOR204 Use Business Technology Assessment Answer

BSBWOK204 is a unit that requires the knowledge and skills to organise electronic data and information and use computer software. While writing assignments concerned to BSBWOK204 includes a set of practical skills and use of equipment in a defined context.

In this unit, there are three different types of assignment tasks dealing with written questions, the mapping development plan for the organisation, and execution of the organisational plan. To prepare a wonderful piece of paper for BSBWOR204 Use Business Technology assessment answer, students must know the entire details about their project. Therefore, our business technology assignment experts have discussed all the details about BSBWOR204 assessment. 

Three Assignments Covered in BSBWOR204 Assessment

The assessment tasks included for students in BSBWOR204 assignment. The assessment plan will be like – 

Assessment 1: Written questions

In this section, being a student you are required to answer a set of questions. Each question must be answered correctly as per its requirement.

Assessment 2: Develop an Organisation Development Plan

The assessment 2 task asks students to prepare a development plan for Boutique Build Australia. According to BSBWOR204 Assignment Sample written by our subject-matter experts, students may be focused on two things i.e. Education and Communication Plan Template and template for Organisation Development. 

Assessment 3: Organisation Development Implement Project

Here, the task for students is to map a development plan for Boutique Build Australia and bring effective leadership in effect on the workforce. Students can go for the following -

  • A template for Leadership Development
  • A Strategic Plan for Building Boutique 

Need further details about BSBWOR204: Use Business Technology assessment? Either contact Online Assignment Expert or read the below-given details. 

An Expert Guidance To Write BSBWOR204: Use Business Technology Assessment Answer

We have already discussed the different types of tasks covered in BSBWOR204: Use Business Technology. However, in this section, our assignment helps experts have explained the best way to answer the following questions. 

Assessment 1: Questions

BSBWOR204 assignment question

Approach to Answer Written Questions

These written questions use instructional words like explain and identify. Students who are going to write the answer to these questions can follow the guidance explained by our business technology assignment writing experts. 

  • Students must evaluate, compare, contrast, discuss, explain, examine, identify, list, outline, and summarise their answers. 
  • They should know how change management strategies can help in identifying the problems create obstacles in organisation development. 
  • They must be proficient in generating options and ideas that can play an important role in the development of the organisation. 
  • Briefly explain McKinsey's 7-S framework and its application. Categorise its element in the form of hard elements and soft elements.                       
  • List a minimum of two organisational culture aspects impacting the development of an organisation. 

There are a few more questions related to assignment 1 that students are required to answer. In case, if any sort of issue is faced refer to BSBWOR204 Use Business Technology assignment answer. 

Assessment 2: Develop an Organisation Development Plan

In this section, students will be given a case scenario or case study and asked to develop a draft for the organisation development plan, draft an email to the assessor, meet the CEO,  and develop a plan for organisation development.

Develop an organisation development plan

organisation development plan assignment

Based on the above case, students are required to complete all the tasks i.e. developing a draft for organisation development, email the proposal to the assessor, meet the assessor, etc. To perform all these tasks, students must play the role of Human Resource Manager. They will require a computer laptop with MS Office and internet access for research purposes.

Following are the tasks students need to perform:

BSBWOR204 assignment activities

Follow the given approach to complete BSBWOR204 assessment task 2

Question 1: 

  • Evaluate and assess the information scenario and strategic plan to find out the objectives and needs of developing an organisation. 
  • Provide a minimum of two information sources on Australian Construction industry workforce and challenges faced in the construction industry. 
  • Students may use the development plan of an organisation to edifice their documents.

Question 2: 

  • Consider the following things to draft an email to assessor:
  • The email written to assessor should be free from spelling and grammatically error should be written in a polite and business style.
  • Summarise all the essential details of the attachment and fix a time and date for a meeting with the CEO.
  • Attach the development plan as well. 

Question 3

  • Once the time and date are fixed for the meeting, students should talk over the draft and findings. 
  • Note down the essential points shared by the CEO related to Boutique Build Australia organisational culture. 
  • Students may exhibit effective communication and interpersonal skills. 

Assessment 3: Organisation development implementation project

Under this assessment, students must define the ways to bring organisation development plans into action. Therefore, it will be require managing resistance for the planned program and an effective leadership approach.

Read the case given below:

BSBWOR204 assignment case

The BSBWOR204 Use Business Technology assessment 3 includes few questions to answer such as –

BSBWOR204 use business technology assessment question

Know the Ways to Answer the Following Questions

  • Discuss the problems concerned with the leadership development structure and identify solutions for those issues. 
  • Explain what could be the substitute proposals about writing and proposing recommendations.
  • The PPT should be concise and clear. Make use of charts, images, and tables to present it visually. 
  • Prepare a report discussing the possible conflict management methods. 

These were the details that a student must know. Following the above-methods will help them in writing BSBWOR204: Use Business Technology assessment answer easily. If they require any help, an Online Assignment Expert is available 24x7. We not only help them to overcome writing challenges but also assist in checking the plagiarism and quality of their assignment.

Therefore, do not worry about the BSBWOR204 assessment and let us know the query and concern. Our proficient academic writers will tackle them and provide a possible solution.

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