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The BSBRES801 is a unit studied by students of Newton College pursuing the business course. This unit deals with the study of the initiate and lead applied research. When it comes to writing BSBRES801: Initiate and Lead Applied Research Assignment Answer, many students prefer to take help from Online Assignment Expert. The academic writers associated here are well-versed with the assessment tasks, terms, and writing styles used to solve BSBRES801 assessments. 

The experts providing BSBRES801: Initiate and Lead Applied Research Assignment Answers are able to develop and apply research strategies; make proper use of applied research methods; and examine and present findings. They have explained the assessment tasks covered under the BSBRES801. Let’s discuss them. 

Introduction to BSBRES801 Assessment Sample Explained By Our Online Assignment Experts

In this unit, there are two different assessment tasks that need adequate knowledge of management practice and theory, managing diversity, and management skills and strategies. The assessment tasks are –

  • Assessment task 1: Written Questions
  • Assessment task 2: Research Strategy Project

Being a student, you are required to complete each task for BSBRES801: Initiate and Lead Applied Research assessment. In assessment task 1, you need to answer a set of questions correctly whereas, in assessment task 2, you will be asked to plan, conduct, and make a report on applied research influencing the strategic advice and results of an organisation’s case study.  

As per our business management assignment experts, you should first read and understand the assessment details before starting the assignment. Once you have a clear understanding and exact requirement of the task, know the format and structure you are asked to follow for the assignment. In case, if you fail to understand the assignment or want to clear any sort of doubt concerned to BSBRES801 assessment, do contact our online assignment help expert.

How to write the BSBRES801 Assignment Answers?

Our experts have written over hundreds of students to university scholars pursuing business management courses in Australia. Thus, they have adequate knowledge and skills to write business assignments like BSBRES801. Here, they have explained the steps to write BSBRES801 assessment tasks.

Assessment task 1: Written Questions

While answering the written questions, you may use instructional words like “explain” or “identify” that explains how you must answer the asked questions. You can also follow the below-given definition to provide an accurate and up-to-the-mark assessment answer. They are - 

Analyse: The questions asked in the assessments require you analyse in detail and find out the key points and features. Analysing a question generally includes writing a response in not more than two paragraphs. 

Compare: Compare means you are required to show similarity and differences between the questions. You should examine and focus on each point of both the questions you are going to compare. 

Contrast: While contrasting something, you should define the ways in which two or more than two things are different from each other. Don’t forget to specify the consequences or relevance. In the end, you are required to include your response. 

Discuss: This section asks you to highlight the important features and/ or issues and articulate critical judgement. In the BSBRES801 assessment part 1, your response should not be more than two paragraphs.

Describe: when you are asked to describe something, it means you must utter the best features and qualities. As per our online assignment help experts, this section is written only in three to four sentences.

Examine and evaluate: Examine is quite the same as analyse where you should give a detailed answer with main points, features, and include critical analysis. The evaluation mainly requires you include arguments and facts for and against that particular thing. 

Explain – The term “Explain” in the BSBRES801 assessment refers to making a clear view about why and how a particular situation, event, or incident has happened. Your explanation should be in between two to three sentences. 

So, these were the few steps to be focused on while writing a BSBRES801 assessment answer. In case, if any issue is encountered just reach out to our online assignment help experts. They will look into the concern and provide possible answers to fix them. 

Assessment task 2: Research Strategy Project

The research strategy project asks you to develop a plan, conduct and make a report on the applied research. Your report should stimulus the organisation’s case study and strategic directions. To write a research report, you should have a business plan, research statement, research procedures & policy, template for research proposal, and report template. 

To solve the assessment task 2: Research Strategy Project, you are required to understand the given scenario. Based on that:

  • Choose a research topic and send an email to your assessor outlining the topic selected for the research.
  • Once it is approved, develop a research proposal including purpose, hypothesis, research strategy, acquiescence with procedures & policies, ethical compliance, target group, data collection, data validity, etc. 
  • Again, send an email to your CEO and attach the research proposal draft. 
  • Meet the assessor to discuss and finalise the purpose, needs, and methods of the proposal. 
  • Revise the research proposal. 
  • Do extensive research. 
  • In the end, present the findings. 

Hopefully, the above-defined steps will be quite helpful in writing BSBRES801 assessment answers. If you still need further assistance to write this assessment, then you can either contact our experts or refer to the BSBRES801 Initiate And Lead Applied Research Assignment Sample. The sample helps you in bringing ideas and let you know the approach to be followed to write the BSBRES801 assessment. 

Online Assignment Expert: Trustworthy Academic Service Provider

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