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BSBINM501: Manage an Information or Knowledge Management System Assessment Answer

BSBINM501 Manage an Information or Knowledge Management System Assessment help

BSBINM501: Manage an Information or Knowledge Management System Assessment Answer

BSBINM501 unit describes the knowledge and skills that are necessary organising training for information or knowledge management system for others. This unit implies to an individual who is responsible to manage the use of the system, key information, improve business results, and corporate knowledge is retained. Students cover the BSBINM501 unit and its assessment under the study of management. Under this unit, they learn to apply the information or knowledge management systems that are comprised with protocols, policies, practices, and procedures to knowledge within the organisation or to manage information and among significant stakeholders.

The BSBINM501 unit has a wide range and it is covered in accredited courses, training packages, and qualifications as well. For example; Advanced Diploma of ESI - Power Systems Operations, Advanced Diploma of ESI - Power Systems, Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector, Public Safety, Diploma of Work Skills for Career Advancement and Management, etc. Being a student, it is also mandatory to write bsbinm501 manage an information or knowledge management system assessment answer accurately. But before that, you must have a look at the details explained below.

BSBINM501 Assignment Details

The BSBINM501: Manage Information or Knowledge Management System unit includes three tasks. The purpose of these tasks is to determine the ways to use knowledge and information management system, know how to manage them, learn how to review them, and gain knowledge and skills mandatory for this specific unit. 

BSBINM501 assignment question 1

BSBINM501: Manage Information or Knowledge Management System Question

BSBINM501 assignment sample

To solve the above three questions, you are required to develop the following foundational skills and knowledge. They are – 

Required Knowledge

  • Determine the plan and how to bring them into effect to allow personnel to use knowledge and information management system. It includes: 
  • providing financial, physical, and human resources as per the requirement 
  • use of mentoring, coaching, workshops, information sessions, e-learning, and training programs as required
  • In-sight view of performance and identify contingencies and issues, including:
  • gain access to technical specialists
  • correct application of knowledge and information management system' procedures and policies 
  • effectiveness and alignment of the procedures and policies 
  • the usefulness of knowledge and information management system for proposed consequences
  • Recommend improvements to policies, systems, and practices as required

Foundational Skills required for BSBINM501 Assessment Answer

Apart from the above knowledge, you must also be proficiently describing literacy, numeracy, language, and employment skills which are quite helpful in making an accurate bsbinm501 manage an information or knowledge management system assessment answer. So, let's readers know the required foundational skills:

Reading You must be proficient in researching and analysing documentation critically by using different sources. It will assist you in finding relevant materials for your requirements.

Writing You must possess adequate academic writing skills to produce and prepare documents as per the targeted audience and instructions. You should also use a clear and detailed language to deliver accurate information, requirements, and suggestions.

Oral Communication

  • Presents your information in the form of structure and language that is easy to understand for your audience
  • Make the best use of active listening, reading, and questioning of both verbal as well as non-verbal signals to illuminate understanding and information 

Navigate the world of work

  • Takings responsibility for following procedures, legislative, and policies requirements and determine the organisational implications of regulation and legislation 
  • Develops or alter policies and procedures of an organisation to fulfil the organisational goals and legislative requirements

How to Write The bsbinm501 Assessment Answers?

Beyond all these skills and knowledge, there are few hints defined by our management assignment help that can be quite helpful in completing the tasks. To complete the BSBINM501 assessment tasks effectively, you must be focused on the following things. 

  • Prepare a rough draft for relevant practice codes, legislation, and national standards appropriate to freedom and privacy of knowledge and information management.
  • Describe the policies and procedures of an organisation. It may include the following:

    • information management
    • records management
    • commercial confidentiality
    • customer service

  • Explain the existing data, organisational operations, and information systems.

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