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Arts and Humanities Assignment Sample

Arts and Humanities Assignment Sample
Nowadays, the scope for arts and humanities is huge. It includes the study of general psychology, areas of humanities, introduction, and history to political theory, behaviour and interaction of human beings, types of cultural, political, and, social instructions, the theory of arts, etc. Students enrolled in the field of arts and humanities deal with numerous activities and one of them is an assignment. There could be multiple types of assignments based on the topics like liberal studies, public sociology, applied sociology, music theory, commercial music and jazz studies, visual arts, law and politics, liberal arts, etc. 

However, today our arts and humanities assignment help experts have provided a sample along with the approaches to write this humanities assignment. So let us have a look over the details given below. 

In this assignment, you are required to answer the following questions:

arts and humanities assignment question

Define “critical thinking”

You should include all the essential aspects and other details. For example -

arts and humanities assignment answer

What Is A Scenario In Which You Would Use Critical Thinking?

In order to answer the above question, you are required to identify cases where you can use critical thinking. Our arts and humanities assignment writing experts say that critical thinking can be applied in cases where critical thinking ability is mandatory for an explanation, decision-making, self-regulation, and inference from given evidence.

How Would You Apply Critical Thinking In This Scenario Describing Three Different Strategies?

Students finding difficulties in applying critical thinking in the given scenario can look at the information described below:


  1. Examining a specific topic: This is the major strategy that assists in brainstorming and deep understanding of a topic. Generally, it embodies to divide a topic into different sub-components and understand each component effectively. It leads to complete analysis of an issue and helps in problem-solving.
  2. Sorting and classifying data: is one of the beneficiary tactics which can be used in the problem-solving process and considering the data. In the process of problem-solving, classification of data helps in understanding and concluding information from every data set and hence fix the problem.
  3. Evaluation: is another primary plan required for the basics of problem-solving. Evaluation can be also termed as a systematic tenacity of a specific subject. Also, it will help you in developing an insight into the problem and hence interpreting the solution.

On the basis of the given scenarios, find out which critical thinking standard is most needed:

critical thinking assignment question

According to professionals providing help in arts and humanities, judges should be selected through clarity of the opinions. Identification of major aspects of the death penalty and assumption of clarity is important for judges. In order to make judgments, it is quite essential for judges to have adequate knowledge and understanding of the same.

arts and humanities question 2

In the discussion process of ethical issues, completeness is the central critical thinking standard because it provides evidence as well. Completeness can also be referred to as the quality of being a whole and important critical thinking standard to explain the discussion and argument based on credible cradles.

Based on the following scenarios, you are required to answer the following:

critical thinking assessment question 1

If we talk about the barrier to critical thinking, the answer to the above question will be conformism. Our arts and humanities assignment writing experts describe it as one of the major barriers as per the given cases. They say that it limits a person from holding their perspective. Conformism is generally defined as an act to compare opinions and attitudes with others regarding a specific subject.

arts and humanities assignment

The barrier to the above question is relativistic thinking as per the given scenario. It can be because such thinking styles predict that each people can have their own opinions regarding immoral and moral accomplishments. According to this scenario, it can be said that there is no exact truth and each individual can have different opinions and perspectives. 

Define “argument”

Students must explain the term “argument” just like you have defined critical thinking. You can also include major components such as inference, premise, and conclusion. A sample is attached below that can help you in writing arts and humanities assignments:

assignment argument sample

assignment argument example

The depicted comment is followed by inductive reasoning. It can because the conclusion resulted from the premise is not certain and is a probabilistic one. Now, the question is which type of reasoning is valid? Inductive, deductive, or both?

The professionals who are best in delivering arts and humanities assignment services suggest understanding both inductive as well as deductive reasoning before answering this question. However, according to the arts and humanities assignment help experts, inductive reasoning can be valid as per the above comment. There are several reasons behind it such as the premise does not give exact findings, also the results are probabilistic in nature about concerns like food poisoning.

After this, you are required to discuss any of the following topics. 

arts assignment question

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