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An Ultimate Guide to ILAC Law Method by Law Assignment Experts

An Ultimate Guide to ILAC Law Method by Law Assignment Experts
As we are aware that students pursuing law-related undergraduate or postgraduate courses are required to deal with numerous assignments and one of them is writing an essay. Sometimes, students are asked to give a stark contrast essay based on the law facts using the ILAC method. But, students who do not understand and know of ILAC or IRAC might need help from subject matter experts. Therefore, the experts working at Online Assignment Expert have explained the ILAC methods for them. 

Writing a law essay for Australian university mainly deals with a specific situation or case that is selected by the university scholars. If you are a student studying law courses, you might be asked to use ILAC format in your paper. In short, you need to focus on four different sections named Issue, Principle, Application, and conclusion. In the issue section, you should discuss the problems and situations related to the case. In the next section, you define the Acts and the Laws associated with the situation discussed in the previous section. The law you are defining should be accurate. Also, analyse the case and propose a solution for it. The sections are generally included in the application sections where you also validate the arguments by providing solid evidence. The last section is the "conclusion". In this section, you must highlight the entire important details of your essay.  So, let's start the blog with the introduction of ILAW.

introduction of ilaw


Introduction to ILAW

The ILAW. This method is being used by both students as well as practising professionals. In case, if you look at case law, you will find that even judges go by this guide. ILAC stands for:

  • Issue
  • Law/Principle
  • Arguments or Application 
  • Conclusion

The rationale is "your paper should be accurate and information should flow inevitably". ILAC is a method that helps you in using the right arguments and applications. In addition to this, ILAC helps the examiner in distributing marks. Therefore, the handling of IRAC becomes more perilous.

Sample for ILAC Law Assignment

sample for ILAC law assignment

ilac law assignment sample


Now, our law assignment writing experts have discussed the ILAC components in detail below.

Components of ILAC


If you want to provide an appropriate solution against the issues/problems discussed in your essay, then you may read and understand the requirement of the case. The first step is to identify issues in the ILAC method. 

This section is generally used to define the situation precisely, and highlight the important details. Our law assignment writing experts providing ILAC-based essay writing help say that the issues should be specified point-wise as it helps differentiate the clauses involved in the case. In most cases, you are required to provide an overview of the case but if there are questions concerning the case, then you may state them accurately.

  • LAW

Once you are done with the background and further analysis, you have to state a particular law for the given case. This process can be daunting for you because you are required to conduct extensive research. In many cases, you might be required to cite similar constitutional provisions and case laws. You may know that this is an authentic route followed by the many courts to be responsible for a verdict.

However, if you are finding the case a bit complex and complicated and unclear with the law governing entities, then don’t worry, our experts will help you with ILAC law method legal literature. It will help you in finding "how legal writing operates?" In lack of convincing sources, you can use persuasive sources like obiter dicta and academic content.


After having a clear understanding of the case issues and law associated with that scenario, you are now required to write the application section. The first thing you need to do is to collect information and give a convincing solution to the stated problem. Hence, choose law cases that are very much related to that situation and gather information on the supplied verdict. 

If you are unable to find relevant information or cases, you can go with an exact analogy created by your own. Remember, that the included arguments should not be out of proportion and be realistic. Read-world cases can be the best way to prepare facts.


After completing the above three sections of the ILAC based law essay, now you are required to wrap up the essay by including the conclusion. In this segment, you should highlight the major information of the essay. However, while writing a conclusion, you should focus on a remarkable statement rather than providing answers. As per our experts, the conclusion is a segment that includes either a positive or a negative response based on the verdict.

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