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ABS104 Fundamentals of Project Management Assessment Answer

ABS104 Fundamentals of Project Management Assessment Answer
ABS104 Fundamentals of Project Management unit is covered by the students who are studying in the DUCERE Global Business School of Australia. During the study, they are required to deal with multiple tasks and ABS104 assessment is one of them. In this task, students are asked to develop a project plan within 2500 words. They can include a book, papers, and journals or any other academic resources to collect information. Also, they should include at least 3 research or academic references in their paper. Apart from this, they should be proficient in APA or Harvard style of referencing. Let's understand the additional assignment information by our Project Management Assignment Expert. 

Assignment Information

If you are a student studying project management from Ducere Business School, you may have gone through a lot of units and topics. The ABS104 Fundamentals of Project Management Assessment requires developing a project plan based on assignment 1 or a completely new one.  

While doing this task, you may be required to consider the name and account for a plan setback faced at the time of the project lifecycle. Few setbacks are explained by the experts providing project management assignment help

  • Workers' strikes
  • Local material supplied gets affected due to bad weather 
  • Spike in cost of oil
  • Failure of hardware or software testing 
  • Unforeseen legal issues 
  • Closure of IT service provider (outsourced)
  • Other economic, technological, socio-cultural, or political/regulatory factors

Choose any one and be creative, specific, and realistic with the project setback. The assignment help experts say that the case study should be structured properly, systematically, and include models, theories, and concepts learned in the unit. 

Approach to solve the ABS104 Fundamentals of Project Management Assessment 

To provide the best ABS104 Fundamentals of Project Management Assessment Solution, you must consider a few things in your answer. They are – 

Application of models and theories

Being a writer, you should highlight the crucial aspects required for the project management assignment. Here, you may showcase your understanding and learning of the models. For example - Gantt chart, project management & maintenance solutions, mind mapping, Timeline development, work breakdown structure, and paper mapping. 

Use of Research

Before start writing your assignment, you are required to research from various sources. You can refer to academic journals (California Management Review and Harvard Business Review), reports, peer-reviewed articles, etc. Be careful while using the '10 top tips' blog-style because it can be hearsay than supporting empirically. 

Highlight the cost, schedule, and quality and procedures to control

Project stages are insight and separation of a giant project into smaller divisions. The few stages that you can follow in developing a project plan for ABS104 Fundamentals of Project Management assessment are planning, budgeting, reviewing, controlling, and termination. 

Determine the Key Roles of an Individual

Our management experts have composed over a hundred ABS104 Fundamentals of Project Management Assessment Solutions for Australian universities. They say that the important roles in this assignment include are the management team, sole director, and a group of employees.

Apart from this, you must explain the role of a director, an executive sponsor, project sponsor, project manager, project consultant, and worker's trainer. 

Management and Control

Risk analysis and control process mainly concentrate on cost, schedule, project quality, and contextual factors. The key risks involved with this project are issues of respect & acceptance, accommodation of belief, ethical and cultural differences. Moreover, one of the major risks is the generation gap. In terms of forming a subsidiary of Coca-Cola in the UAE, these are the top risks encountered. Based on these, you are required to propose a response plan.

management and control


The conclusion is the final step of your ABS104 Assignment Solution.  You should provide a concise and clear conclusion in not more than 10% of the total word count of the assignment. Remember that conclusion should persuasively explain the importance of project management in identifying risks, business activity, analyzing risk, and making strategies. 

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