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A Step-By-Step Guide for Project Management Course

A Step-By-Step Guide for Project Management Course
For all those aspiring project managers who have landed on this blog, there is some useful information about which you might be interested in. Project management is way beyond than a temporary endeavour which is undertaken in order to produce unique products and services.

For making you aware of its importance, Online Assignment Expert has got your back. As you might be well-aware that thee is a proper cycle in the project management process, about which our project management assignment help experts would explain to you a little further on.

So, why not dive into the vast pool of this course? Don’t worry, we won’t let you drown and help you come out with flying colours.

Our Project Management- One-Page Project Overview Assessment Sample

Before we go on to describe the different stages in the project management cycle, we thought of letting you know how our experts cater to such project management assignments, which are carefully crafted in order to provide you reference for your assignments. Moreover, what would be better than a sample to let you know how our experts work.

So, below is a free project management assessment sample for you. In this short blog, we can just provide you with a brief outline of the way we do it. However, if you want the complete solution then you can easily get in touch with our project management assignment help experts via the order now form.

free project management assessment sample

So, this is how our experts do such assignments.

Firstly, our experts study the given case study thoroughly. Based on the information given in the case study, they assume that they are the project manager of the firm. Thereon, our experts reviewed the plan which has been given in the question file. Based on the plan given, they found out the main goals and various strategies which have been outlined in the file.

Among the goals and strategies given, our project management assignment help experts then selected one strategy based on their interest and then started building the OPPO and a full project plan.

Moreover, they choose the strategy keeping in mind the outcomes for it. The intend of choosing a strategy is to meet the intended result of the plan.

In the end, they wrap up the assignments with the reflection upon the reasons for planning this project.

Components of Project Management

The project management cycle comprises of 5 stages, which are project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling closure. However, there are 5 components of project management. This means, whenever you start doing such an assignment, you have to see to it that your assignment caters to the following questions or components:

Components of Project Management


Basically, the first and the foremost thing which must be clear in your assignment is to know what is it all about and what is the reason behind doing that project.


According to our project management help experts, the next thing which comes in any such assignment is to understand who the owner is. This piece of information is important because it would help you to know the requirements of the clients and design a project according to their needs.


Next in the list comes, how to do the given tasks. Under this, various steps and procedures which affect the project management process are highlighted.


The time frame in which the project has been designed is also a key factor in this process. Thus, whenever you make such an assignment, make sure that you don’t forget to mention the time when the process took place.


The budget that is allotted to a particular project is one of the guiding factors behind the project management process in any organisation.

The 12 Steps of Construction

While constructing a one-page project overview, which is the assessment 1 of this course, our panel of project management help experts considers 12 steps which are the requisites of constructing a project plan.  So, if you face any problems in any of these steps, then you can consult us anytime you want. We would be more than happy to help you design perfect project overviews.

The header

Details about the owners

The matrix

Objectives of the project

Major tasks of the project

Aligning the project tasks with the objectives of the project

Dates of the target

Aligning the project tasks with the timeline

Aligning the project task with the owners and their requirements

Other subjective tasks


Summary and forecast

We hope we have been successful in imparting whatever we know about this vast course in you. Online Assignment Expert is a global firm which has been producing successful project managers with our expert guidance on each of the aspects of the subject. In addition to this, our finely crafted project management assessment samples and reference assignments are a real blend of excellence and hard-work which has helped thousand of students. So, all your questions are awaited.

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