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A Little Sneak Peek into The World of ICT100 Foundations of Information Systems

A Little Sneak Peek into The World of ICT100 Foundations of Information Systems
August 14, 2022

A Little Sneak Peek into The World of ICT100 Foundations of Information Systems

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If ICT100 assignments have always been a hurdle for you, then this blog is surely it! Are you ready to come on a journey around this unit with us?

Online Assignment Expert is all ready to give you a little sneak peek into this vast unit, which would definitely enable you to complete and submit such assignments on time!

We all are aware of how organisations have been constantly reshaped by internal as well as external forces. It is well evident that information has to be one of these. Naturally, information systems play a crucial role in supporting business organisations. Thus, if you are pursuing Foundations of Information Systems, then you would be required to know about these information systems.

Realising this, our information technology assignment help experts would be happy to guide you with such systems and enable you to support various business models that are used by firms operating in the digital world.

Our ICT100 Foundations of Information Systems Assessment modes and Sample

While it would be a near to impossible task to give you the entire explanation of the solution of such vast and complex ICT100 questions in this short blog, we have tried to give you a brief outline of the approach which is information technology assignment help experts use while dealing with such assignments.

Being 4 CREDIT POINTS, when you pursue this unit, you would be required to complete a number of assessments under this unit. While you can channelize your focus on the practical aspects of the unit, our experts are here to guide you with the theoretical aspects. Following are the assessments which you would need to clear.

Assessment 1: Tutorial Participation

This assessment carries 10% weightage and would require you to actively take part in the tutorial sessions which your university would hold.

Individual Case Study

Assessment 2: Individual Case Study

In this assessment, you would be needed to submit a 1000-worded assessment, based on the case study given to you in the question file. This carries 10% weightage.

Assessment 3: Individual Report and Presentation

For assessment 3, you would be required to submit a 1000-worded individual report, which would carry 15% and also a 10 minutes presentation of the report, which would carry 10% weightage.

ICT100 Foundations of Information Systems

Assessment 4: Final Examination

Final Examination is the last mode of assessment under ICT100 Foundations of Information Systems. You would be required to sit for an examination for 3 hours and this would consist of 30% weightage.

So, now that you know all the assessment modes and can segregate the practical and the theoretical aspects of the unit, let us take you further and make you understand how our IT assignment help experts write these reference assignments for you.

Foundations of Information Systems assessment sample

So, above is a Foundations of Information Systems assessment sample which our experts have done for your reference. Following is the brief outline of how our experts deal with these assignments.

  1. Firstly, our experts thoroughly studied the case study given. Based on the information, they analysed the case study and formulated it in the excel sheet.
  2. As discussed above, individual report is a theoretical aspect of this unit. So, they wrote the 1000-worded sample report which had the introduction, transaction processing system selection, the importance of data representation and the conclusion.
  3. Under the heading of introduction, our IT assignment help experts carried out extensive research on the competitive advantage which an organisation would get if they use modern information systems. Then, they elaborated all the information which satisfied the competitive advantage and made this their introduction.
  4. Under the heading of transaction processing system selection, they justified why they had selected TPS relating it with the results which they had got in the excel sheet. Thereon, they created a graph for the same.

This was just a brief outline of how our ICT100 experts approached the assignment. For a more detailed explanation of the same or any other question file, you can easily get in touch with our experts via the order now form.

Attributes Which You Must Display While Studying Foundations of Information Systems

Foundations of Information Systems

Our Experts, Your Guides!

Online Assignment Expert is a trustworthy brand, which has helped million of students attain the grades they desire for. Having delivered expert guidance in over more than 50+ disciplines, our experts ensure to never let any client go dissatisfied. By now, you might have understood the immense calibre which our IT assignment help experts possess, as they have made it possible to impart almost everything about this vast unit, in this short blog.

In addition to the guidance we provide, we also ensure that you understand every aspect of this unit deeply. For this, we provide numerous samples, just like the one discussed in this blog. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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