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7 Powerful Tips for Writing an Impressive Cover Letter for that Job

7 Powerful Tips for Writing an Impressive Cover Letter for that Job
August 06, 2020

7 Powerful Tips for Writing an Impressive Cover Letter for that Job

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Writing a cover letter is not a cakewalk but instead is a nerve-wracking job and more so, when you want it to stand out from the crowd. And in fact, that’s what every candidate wants and wishes for. A cover letter is a keystone of the Polaroid of your skills, accomplishments, and previous experiences in relation with the designation the candidates are applying for.

What do I write in a cover letter? How do you write a cover letter for a job?  What is the purpose of a cover letter? If these questions hover on your mind as and when the cover letter comes to your mind, then fret not; you will get answers to all your questions in this blog. I will be sharing some of the most powerful tips for writing a cover letter so that you can take cues from that and go on with your impressive share. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Tip#1: Write a fresh cover letter for every new job you apply for

What do you think an employer must be seeking in a candidate? One of the major things is the excitement level of the candidate to join the company. It is important for you to quickly change the cover letter that you had written for your previously applied job by changing the name of the company and also, by making other minor changes in context to the designation you are applying for now.  

Try not to be generic by using opening statements such as “Dear Hiring Manager, I am enthusiastic to apply to the current open designation at your organisation”. This shows that you are excited for any or every job in town and will directly lead your cover letter to the trash in seconds.  

Tip#2: Formatting does matter

Yes, that’s right! Keep in mind the formatting of the cover letter. A cover letter should be written in 3-5 paragraphs following the standard business format. Take note of these points:

  • One inch margins
  • Font shouldn’t be smaller than 10 points 
  • Single spaced
  • Left alignment of the page
  • Include a header stating your name and contact details. 
  • Make use of active voice 
  • Make use of action verbs

Tip#3: Pen down a killer opening paragraph

Now, the opening paragraph is the one that will introduce you to your recruiter and it is imperative that you write a killer one. In this paragraph, you will also go on to talk about what interests you in the job type you are applying for. Now, I would like to give you a very important cover letter writing tip. Address the letter by mentioning the first and last name. For instance, you can write, “Dear Ms Karl Mark” or just “Dear Ms Mark”. Never use archaic salutations such as “Dear Sir or Madam” or To “Whomsoever It May Concern”. 

Tip#4: The main section of the cover letter ‘movie’ comes now

Here comes the body of your cover letter and that’s what will make you or break you. Carefully read this as many candidates fall prey to regurgitate in this section what’s already on their resume. Go an extra mile and paint a complete picture of your past know-hows and accomplishments in the main body of the cover letter.  By showing off everything, you will now have to project how you are well-fit for the position you are applying for. 

Here, you can go ahead and answer questions such as the approach you followed to tackle the mentioned responsibility in your resume. Talk about your disposition, desire, or professional work ethic, which helped you immensely at getting a particular job done. So on and so forth. 

Tip#5: Talk on numbers or facts!

There is no denying the fact that whatever you say is substantiated by facts or numbers if you quote. Hiring managers are no exception! Even they would like you to show what measurable impact your work had on an organisation for which you worked for; lately.  If you are from the sales field, you can simply mention how many more clients you’d brought on board in comparison to your co-workers. These numbers have the ability to speak volumes about your efficacy and will also make your cover letter stand out amongst the rest in the market. 

Tip#6: Strike the right tone

We completely understand that it is a formal affair and you want to be professional, but hold on, it might backfire on you. You must neither get too formal nor get too informal. Write in that grey line where you can express yourself in a genuinely conversational way. In addition to this, there is one more tip that you can keep in mind whilst drafting a cover letter that you must write in the voice of the company. Stalk company online portals and mirror them along the lines of the tone of the company, its language, as well as the culture while you are writing the cover letter. 

Tip#7: Finishing touches

Treat your employer with strong finishing as the ultimate lines of your cover letter acts as a throwaway. The shorter you wind up your cover letter, the better it is. Keep this mantra in your mind and there you go! The concluding paragraph of your cover letter should have the thanking tonality. Here, you must also give a final statement on why you think you would make an excellent candidate for the profile. Moreover, don’t go more than a page. According to a recent survey, more than two-thirds of employers prefer a cover letter with either half a page or one page, not more than that. How do you start a cover letter? What are the 3 types of cover letters? How do you end a cover letter? If these are your queries, then we’ll answer them instantly. 

Here’s a Cover Letter Sample Drafted by Our Experts

cover letter sample

cover letter example

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