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5 websites that can make your life simple

5 websites that can make your life simple
The aim of our blog is to provide you the information about best of the websites than can make your life easy and simple. We picked up few websites and apps that can help people living in Australia in various ways. Now you don’t need to stray to other useless blogs that only deviate you from your preferences. We wrapped all of the necessary websites and apps in a single blog to make everything easily accessible to you. Just go through the blog and get to know about the most amazing food app, real estate website, dating app and even the website that provides online assignment help.

  • Menulog: Menulog is Australia’s most liked food delivery app. It delivers food everywhere in Australia except few places, but they might be covering the left out places this year. More than 11000 plus restaurants are registered on this app serving more than 70 different cuisines. The app has amazing discount offers for its customers with an offer of 25% discount for the first order. This is one of the fewest apps which delivers liquor along with meal. The thing that makes this app unique and trustworthy is that if you claim to get the same food delivered from the same restaurant within 24 hours, they will credit you the different and extra 10$.



  • Realestate.com.au: Whether you are a local or an International student, if you are looking for a rental property at affordable prices then this website can help you find one fulfilling all of your requirements under your budget. You can sell your property, buy a new one, rent out the property which you don’t need, etc while sipping your coffee and relaxing at home. You don’t need to run over place to place to get impeccable property at affordable price.



  • TripGo: TripGo is the most used transportation app by Australian people. It is an award winning app that covers all the transport networks across Australia. Now you don’t need to worry about planning your journey because TripGo provides real time information and covers bus, ferry, train, taxis, ride shares, etc. Now you can explore all of the Australia with your friends and family just by booking your ride from TripGo at affordable prices.



  • Online Assignment Expert: It is a website that helps students in their assignment making. Students who face problem in preparing their assignments because of any reason can visit www.onlineassignmentexpert.com to get them done by their brilliant experts. They provide plagiarism free assignments at affordable prices. Their experts possess extensive knowledge in every domain and have years of experience in writing academic assignments. They promise to give the assignment before the deadline set by their clients and they also have chat support option available 24/7 so that the queries of the clients can be solved in the blink of an eye.

Online Assignment Expert


  • Coffee meets Bagel: It’s a dating app for people who are seeking partners in their lives. As soon as you make your profile and enter you details and interests, you get dates on your cell-phone based on your likes and dislikes. You get options to select or neglect the match and its A.I will analyze your activity and help it’s algorithm to find the most appropriate match for you. The best part about this app is that you don’t have to swipe hundreds of potential dates, instead you’ll get only one match a day meeting your preferences.

Coffee meets Bagel


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