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5 Strategies to Help You Write an Assignment

5 Strategies to Help You Write an Assignment
The idea of doing an assignment can be quite daunting. Simply looking at a blank sheet of paper or an empty word document can be paralyzing for a lot of us with only ideas in our head and nothing on paper or typed up on the system.

Where do I begin?” you will ask yourself this in an overwhelmed state of affairs. You could think to yourself “Ahh, let it be. Let’s see what’s happening on Facebook. Let’s check our email and do my assignment tomorrow.”

Ever had this sort of an experience before?  Hugh Kearns came up with useful writing technique for all students and any working professionals who want to write as a part of their job. There is a list of strategies that will help students get into the groove of writing.

1. Write Something Even When You Are Not In The Mood

Let’s be honest, a lot of us simply wait for the right time to start writing. Very often we think we will be ready after we have read an article or may think that one day we will be inspired to write. However, the movie portrayal of the inspired, passionate writer who locks themselves up in a room for days to write the ideal novel has led several of us to think that one must be in the mood to write. Truth be told, you may not feel like writing ever. So what do you do? Hugh Kearns says you simply write anyway.

If we start writing, after a couple of minutes, we will make progress and so we might just feel inspired. In turn, we simply keep writing.

2. Make It A Habit To Write- Too Golden Hours Worth Of Writing

If you look at lives of the greatest writers like Stephen King and Byrce Courtney, you will release that these people write every day. It is an inbuilt habit. Woody Allen said “90% of success is just showing up.”  The same philosophy applies to writing- 90% of success at writing is simply turning up to write.

In a recent seminar, Hugh Kearns spoke about the concept of nailing your feet to the floor to make yourself write to two full hours. He then said that during the first 45 minutes of the process, some people have a lot of anxiety and discomfort.  It is common to have these thoughts like “I can’t do this, maybe I should do something else, and this is really hard”.

This is normal but what people think there’s something wrong, they have a lot of anxiety.  They have a lot of anxiety as they have a hard time writing to write something and should stop, which is what they do.  “Big mistake, if you simply hang in there, the anxiety will disappear,” says Hugh Kearns.

3. Writing is not a linear process

It is myth if you think that you need to start from the beginning of your piece and the perfect sentence before you can go on to write the rest. Forget about the first sentence, it will come in time. Simply start putting your ideas down on paper and work with that to start with.

In case you need some sort of structure in place, before you start to write, try penning down your ideas on a mind map or write the ideas on post it notes so you can shuffle them around to make a structure. Once you’ve done it, don’t think of starting writing your introduction or the first paragraph of the essay. Start with an idea you are comfortable with and go from there.

4. Use writing as a form of thinking

If you are stuck, write what you are feeling stuck about. Ste the alarm clock for 5-10 minutes and whatever comes to mind, write it down. The basic idea is to keep that hand moving. Don’t stop till the alarm clock goes off.  Give it a shot and you’ll be surprised with the ideas that come out on paper.

5. Write when you are bright and alert

If you are trying to make writing a routine, then you should foster positive experiences writing. After working till 9 pm on most days, most people are exhausted.  As a result, they never picked up a pen for days.  Writing is a complicated and mentally exhausting task.  So, it doesn’t make sense to write when you are tired. Write when you have the energy and are alert.







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