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The field of statistics is a discipline concerned with the collection, analysation, organisation, presentation, and interpretation of data. When it comes to applying statistics to a social, industrial, and scientific problem, it is conservative to start with a statistical model or population. During the study, students come to learn about several topics including binomial distribution. Additionally, they are also required to write multiple assignments for each subject at a time. Dealing with several university assignments cannot be easy and therefore they need binomial distribution assignment help Australia services.

In Probability and Statistics theory, the binomial distribution provides the discrete probability distribution. Our binomial distribution assignment experts have well-knowledge of Bernoulli distribution as it is directly related to the binomial distribution. As per the Washington State University, “The independent Bernoulli trial has a binomial distribution, on the other hand, the binomial distribution is the Bernoulli distribution with n=1.” Therefore, the binomial distribution is given as –

binomial distribution assignment sample

Binomial Distribution Real Life Examples

There are several real-life instances that can relate to binomial distributions. For instance, in this COVID-19 epidemic, if a vaccine is announced to cure this virus, then there could be only two situations, either it will not cure the virus (failure) or cure the virus (successful). If you buy a lottery ticket, you may either win the prize money or may not.

In simple words, anything we do and have a failure and success rate can be said as a binomial distribution. The formula for this distribution is –

b(x; n, P) = nCx * Px * (1 – P)n – x


b stands for the binomial probability

x represents to be the total number of “successes”

P means the success probability on each trial

n stands for a number of trials

Note: The above formula is also be written in a different way, like

binomial distribution sample

because nCx = n! / x!(n – x)! In this formula, you will find that has factorials. Here, “q” represents the failure probability.

Understand the Binomial Experiment by Our Binomial Distribution Assignment Experts

In Statistics, the binomial experiment can be explained as an experiment in which you get fixed independent trails which only have two possible results. For instance, the result might be in the form of yes or no. While spinning a coin you can ask yourself “Will I get a tail?” and there will either be no or yes. This is the basic idea, right? But to implement it in an experimental way, it is important to ensure the given rules.

Rules Concerned to Binomial Experiment

Must have fixed trials. In case, if you do not have fixed trails then you must be tossing the coin again and again. Additionally, the outcome received from that particular experiment will vary if you toss the coin twice or even a hundred times.

Each trial is a free occurrence. Here the word “free” means that each time to spin/ toss the coin, it can be said as a fresh new trial. For instance, if an individual spin the coin ten coins at a time and remove the coins that have down with heads before spinning again, then there will be affected in the probability, because of fewer coins. It is okay but it could not be said as a binomial experiment.

Only two results. In simple words, the experiment can be answered in yes or no then it is a binomial experiment. For example, Will I get tails? Can you buy a car for me? and so on.

To know more about the binomial experiments/ binomial examples/ or binomial distribution, you may avail binomial distribution assignment help online. With us, students pursuing statistics courses in Australia can get 24 hours of customer support all throughout the year. More benefits are available with us but let’s understand “What type of assignments do binomial distribution covers?”

Our binomial distribution assignment experts have defined an assignment (CMP-5017B/5019B/7008B) which is mainly covered in Applied Statistics study. In this assessment, students are assigned to deal with several questions. Few of them are listed below:

binomial distribution assignment sample

It is a group assignment. Hence, a maximum of 3 students can work as a team to complete the assignment. According to the assignment experts providing binomial distribution assignment help in Australia, students must have a complete understanding of R language and interface. Moreover, the answers should be accurate, materials should be clearly displayed, quality-based papers, and content should have a persuasive argument.

If binomial distribution assignment help online is required, contact Online Assignment Expert to get a complete solution.

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These are only the highlights of our binomial distribution assignment services if you want to know more then make a call to us or send your concerns or queries to our email id. Once, your query is received our Binomial Distribution Assignment Experts will get in touch with you instantly.

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