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Arts and Humanities Assignment Help

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Arts and humanities have a plethora of various disciplines. It is one of the extensive academic fields, as it emphasizes the human foundation of learning and knowledge. It also considers that all relationships amongst human beings should be based on human tolerance and respect.

Arts and humanities provide an insight into the intricate functions of humanity that make sense to the world. One can assume arts and humanities as the basis of literally everything in this universe, including how we engage as members of a society and all the knowledge we gain through personal and social experiences. Most students from commerce or science backgrounds believe that arts and humanities are simple subjects and writing assignments is a piece of cake. But is it really true? Well, only the students who study it know how cumbersome and protracted this task could be. Are you also in the same boat? Don’t fret, as we are here to help you! Online Assignment Expert is a renowned and trustworthy firm that can give you complete support through its arts and humanities assignment help. Our dedicated team of arts and humanities assignment experts offer quality services for tackling any assignment and even conducting research work.

Disciplines Covered with Our Arts and Humanities Assignment Help

Arts and humanities are known to be one of the oldest knowledge fields available. The difference between the two fields is often unambiguous. Whilst arts can be regarded as an inclusive field, humanities is a comparatively diverse field encompassing several disciplines and other unrelated fields of literature and political history. Several schools teach arts as the final result of a process wherein an individual arranges and organizes objects in such a manner that the final result invokes meaning to those who have the intellect to view and acknowledge it. The history of the arts dates back to the thirteenth century. According to the text of indo-European, “ar” means to “join or assemble”; thus, arts encompasses a variety of disciplines such as music, film, literature, painting, sculpture, and photography. Here we have discussed some of these fields in detail.

  • # Painting - Painting is something that clicks our minds whenever we think of art. Painting is the most commonly used medium of teaching in childhood education. Painting is expressing the artistic vision using paint as the medium of expression. An artist works exclusively in the art field and creates paintings by using different colored paints on canvas.
  • # Literature - Literature encompasses different languages and all written works such as fiction, essays, poetry, satires, biographies, and many more. It is a form of art in which a person narrates or shares his stories. It is a form of art that includes language and can be spoken or read. Authors produce art with literature by organizing words in such a manner that it gives pleasure and makes reading enjoyable. These words often contain critiques of society.
  • # Sculpture - The sculpture is an ancient visual art form whose history dates back to the prehistoric era. A sculpture produces three-dimensional images of objects using traditional materials such as wood, clay, stone, and metal. Modern sculptors can use any object to produce art, including glass, plastic, and metals. Contemporary sculptors also have employed several sculpting techniques such as modeling, welding, carving, and assembling.
  • # Music - Music is a culturally universal art form common in almost all human cultures worldwide. Music is a unique form of art that involves the arrangement of audible vibrations and sounds and various elements of melody, rhythm, and harmony to create a musical composition. In music, human voice, instruments, or both can be used.

Humanities, on the other hand, are concerned with more human-centric disciplines. In these disciplines, humanistic aspects are more prioritized compared to their work. Considering the experiences of humans in social, personal, and cultural context, humanities emphasize a more critical and analytical method of the study compared to the arts’ emotionally biased point of view. Since humanities is a broad field, it encompasses various disciplines such as philosophy, linguistics, law, religion, performing and visual arts, social sciences, and many more. Here we are discussing some of these disciplines in more detail.

  • # Philosophy - Philosophy refers to the study and investigation of human attitude and behavior. This field is more focused on researching several issues of human life. It deals with a wide range of areas of human life, from nature to beauty to death and is presented in literature form.
  • # Linguistics and language - Linguistics is the study of languages and is a crucial part of the humanities study. It is focused on studying the changes and developments involved in language usage by people belonging to different countries and cultures. It also considers the nature and behavior of people based on their language and strives to restore the long lost dialects. A good amount of twentieth and twenty-first-century philosophy is based on language analysis.
  • #Religion - The related philosophy and literature of different religions, their existence, and their development over time are evaluated in religious studies. In this field, the growth of various religions that have emerged in the recent past is studied. This field is very vast as there are several religions and faiths across the globe.

Besides these topics, there are numerous other arts and humanities topics where you might get stuck if you fail to understand the university guidelines for assignment writing. But you don’t have to worry, as our arts and humanities assignment experts will guide you through their tutoring sessions to help you master every complex topic of arts and humanities.

Learning Outcomes After Studying Arts and Humanities

Arts and humanities enable us to develop critical thinking skills, witness the experience of others, know about the living conditions and culture of other people and their values. It enriches the perspective of life and society and enables us to deal with day-to-day problems and bring each other closer together. Several renowned Australian universities, such as the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Australian National University, and the University of Sydney, provide a variety of courses in arts and humanities. Here are some of the learning outcomes of arts and humanities courses.

  1. To develop the ability to think independently and critically about the world.
  2. To understand the breadth, creativity, and diversity of human experience expressed thoroughly in arts and humanities.
  3. To develop a life-long interest in arts and humanities.
  4. To teach the ability to communicate effectively with others with a spirit of cooperation and openness.
  5. To develop the ability to reflect upon the responsibilities to others in various communities.

Getting an arts and humanities degree opens doors to various career options. Arts and humanities graduates can become successful artists, lawyers, photographs, administrators, fashion designers, and architects.

Career Scope After Completing Arts and Humanities

The study of arts and humanities brings us closer because this field is more focused on human culture and its journey throughout time. Here are several other reasons explaining why you should take up this subject.

  • # Communication - Students pursuing arts and humanities are confident in communicating with others because they are trained to do so from the beginning. They understand the importance of effective communication in conveying the correct information to someone else.
  • # Analytical skills - Efficient analytical skills are the most wanted skills by every employer. These skills enable a person to think logically and out of the box before making any decision. 
  • # Global perspective - Studying the diverse culture of several parts of the world and understanding their history, language, rituals, and people enables a person to gain a different perspective.

Arts and Humanities Assignment Sample for Your Reference

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Arts and Humanities Assignment Sample Arts and Humanities Assignment Samples Arts and Humanities Assignments Samples

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