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Agency Law assignment help experts believe that the concept of Agency is an integral part of the contract law. This is quite prevalent in Australia among financial institution, Real estate, and Insurance companies as the agent are the one who is representing all these companies for the growth of the business. Due to the importance of Agents services in most of the institutions, it has been included in the curriculum of Australian Law universities to teach the students about the concepts of Agent and principal in a practical manner.

The aspect of Agency law is simple but becomes typical when it comes to the application part. Most of the assignments given by the universities are concept based and it requires students to have an in-depth knowledge of all the concepts regarding the principal-agent relationships, liabilities, and duties towards each other and definition of each component. In situations where they face problems in solving their work, an online Agency Law assignment help expert can allow them to overcome those challenges.

Agency Law Assignment Help Providers explain the Major Concepts

The common law principle deals with the concept of Agency law in Australia and it contains a broader concept regarding principal, Agent, termination of the agency, rights, and duties of agent and principal. These concepts are involved in all the assignments given by a Law professor to his students dealing with agency laws. Agency Law assignment writing experts believe that it is important that students should be aware of the components involved in agency laws. They are as follows-:



Principal is the one who appoints the agent and gives him authority to enter into a contract with the third party under a valid license. Principal is directly liable towards the third party for the act of an agent.


Agent is the one who is having a valid license given by the competent authority to act on behalf of principal under the laws of Australia. Agent creates a legal relationship between the third party and the Principal.


Principle is having all the right to terminate the Agency contract if any of the agents found guilty for breaking the laws of agency and working in personal interest. Termination period is not prescribed under the common law and court decide the validity of the termination on the basis of facts of the case.

Rights and duties of the Agent-

Agency contract between principal and agent create the legal liabilities. As per the law, it is the duty of the agent to act in favor of principal only and should not mislead the third party by giving wrong information.


Agency is the contract between the Principal and agent under which agent is having the legal authority to act on behalf of principal when dealing with the third party.

There are many assignments that require students to have a detailed understanding of the aforementioned concepts. Due to lack of sufficient time and subject knowledge, they often require an online Agency law assignment help expert’s advice. This is the most ideal and reliable individual who can guide you to produce an excellent-quality of academic documents. This allows you to score the top grades with minimum efforts.

How Do We Ensure Top-Quality Agency Law Assignment Help

Online Assignment Expert is an organisation that helps students in writing their assignments. We have best law experts who are well-versed in all types of business laws such as contract law Agency law and corporate laws and many more. These experts apply their best skills to understand the assessments’ requirements. Additionally, we have quality control teams who will review the entire work and ensure that the assignments meet all the criteria given by the student. They also ensure that the grammatical and spelling mistakes are removed before submitting the final solution to the student. Use of some of the best plagiarism software such as Turnitin removes the chance of work duplication.

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