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Some of the accounting assignment topics covered by experts at accounting systems and processes assignment help

Students often ask our assignment helper "where will they find accounting assignment pdf?” They do so because accounting assignments comprise many complex numerical which requires strong strategic decision-making skills. As a scholar, you need to cover up all the manual and computerized topics. Are you looking for help with accounting systems and processes assignment? Allow us to share our sample works with you.

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Accounting equation

The accounting equation is also called a "balance sheet equation". It signifies the relationship between the assets, liability, and equity of a business or individual.

Assets = Liabilities + Equity

The equation shows what an organization owns (assets) is acquired either by its liabilities or the investors (stakeholder’s equity). The accounting equation is used for bookkeeping practice in companies for accounting and economics. Balance sheets are used for calculating the accounting equation.

Accounting cycle

The accounting cycle is utilized for tracking all the financial records and processes in a company. This cycle is repeated every fiscal year for ensuring the growth of the company. It comprises of accounts, debits, credits, and journal entries. Eight steps of an accounting cycle are:

  • Transactions
  • Journal entries
  • Posting to GL
  • Trial balance
  • Worksheet
  • Adjusting entries
  • Financial statements
  • Closing

Keeping an organized record of this accounting cycle helps a company to maintain overall productivity. Every step is accounted for a specific time. When eight steps of the accounting cycle are completed, a new cycle is started.

Accounting theories

A scholar needs to study these basic accounting theories during his/her coursework. These are essential for understanding the financial foundation of a company and directing the officials for their next move. They are:

  • “Cost principle theory”
  • “Matching principle theory”
  • “Materiality accounting theory”
  • “Conservatism accounting theory”
  • “Monetary unit assumption theory”

Balance sheet

A balance sheet comprises of the financial statement of an organization to measure the assets, liability, and equity capital. There are several common "buckets" and "line items" which are used in all industries. Any change in the balance sheet helps the company officials to calculate the cash flows or financial ratios.

Batch costing

Batch costing is similar to job costing. When a company receives an order for different products. A complete product may require many different elements for assembling and manufacturing. This can be formed through different economical batches. To calculate the cost of each batch, the batch costing method is used.

Corporate accounting

Corporate accounting subject deals with cash flow management in an organization. It involves interpretation, data analysis, amalgamation, and absorption. Can you differentiate the two, “corporate accounting” & “public accounting”? If not, discuss with assignment experts at accounting systems and process assignment services. Commonly, corporates utilize FreshBooks software for accounting. It helps in measuring and identifying the monetary and working status of the company.

Debits & credits

A debit increases the value of an asset or minimizes the liability, whereas credit increases the liability. Do you remember the three golden rules of debits and credit in accounting management? Accounting systems and processes assignment experts will explain to you more. Contact us. We are available 24x7.

Some solutions that help with accounting systems and processes assignment

Accounting Systems and Processes Assignment Sample
Accounting Systems and Processes Assignment Solution

Which software is used for completing accounting assignment work?

  • Spreadsheets – Spreadsheets are utilized by accounting professionals for maintaining daily reports and work logs. You can make different graphs, charts, and budgets in a spreadsheet. Accounting systems and processes assignment help experts say that in organizations, it is used for forecasting the future performance of the company, measuring tax and revenues, and completing payroll. For example, you can use the formula "=SUM(B$1: B$3)" for adding the cell values of B1, B2, and B3. Different spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel, Google sheets, iWork numbers, etc.
  • Commercial accounting software – This software is used for forming customized functions as per the requirements of an organization. Some examples of commercial accounting software are QuickBooks, Tally, TurboCASH, etc. Can you add some more?
  • Custom accounting software – A custom accounting software is tailored as per your accounting needs and organizational needs. It is mainly utilized by the small-scale business for maintaining records and particulars of clients. Have you made one such software? Discuss it with accounting systems and process assignment experts.

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